Turiya Communications on Nirvaya Case

Turiya Communications on Nirvaya Case

Thank You Jansatta for allowing people from different walks of life to express their PoV on the Nirvaya Case:

Sandhya Sutodia, Co-founder, Turiya Communications LLP, a Kolkata-based communications agency, said: "The last dot that concluded the Nirvaya case, gives all the females a big relief. This will promote female safety as well as it will also raise our concern for humanity. This will make every polluted mind think of the consequences before attacking any girl. This FEAR, is what is needed to stop or reduce the ever increasing rate of Rape in our country. Besides, I must mention the complete behavioral change of one the convicts who wished to donate his organs after his death. The complexities of the law has made the ultimate punishment of convicts, arrive very late after many years. We hope Jyoti could see this with her own eyes. FInally, now is the time when we all can say, "Rest in peace, Brave Girl."

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