TuriyaTalks S5E14 with Deepayon Roy aka 100 & Above – Journey of A Food & Travel Vlogger

The guest of the 14th episode of TuriyaTalks, Season 5 was Mr. Deepayon Roy alias 100 & Above, a famous food and travel vlogger, accompanied by the host Sandhya Sutodia of Turiya Communications. The session was held on 6th October on the topic ‘Journey of a Food & Travel Vlogger’.


“People tend to lose confidence in public when they are a bit overweight. I decided to name my channel as 100 & above to empower such individuals to be assertive”, Mr. Deepayon affirmed. He himself had faced the issue of obesity and the related health problems but he did not let this pull him down. Instead, this became his motivating force to go forward with his passion of food and travel vlogging. He stated how he faced difficulties in the initial phases to put his idea of becoming a YouTuber into action.


He talked about his early days of this year when the menace of COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak. Recently, with the ease of restrictions, he has resumed his plans for travelling. He advised the aspiring travellers to cover their journey with proper precautions and safety to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection. When asked about his favourite content creator on YouTube, he mentioned the YouTuber Bald and Bankrupt - an international travel vlogger.


According to Mr. Deepayon, an individual must have a good knowledge of vocabulary in the language he uses to vlog. This would not only help him to maintain the flow but also to create a positive impact on the audience.


The session concluded with Mr. Deepayon recommending his viewers to select a particular niche based on one's passion and being consistent in uploading videos with quality content regularly.

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