American businessman and writer, Alvin Toffler termed “Technology” as the “great growling engine of change”. Technology in fact, has transformed the way we learn, think and communicate and it has had both positive and negative changes in our life. TuriyaTalks was honoured to welcome two eminent personalities- Mr. Raghupathi N Cavale, the Senior Vice President & India Business Head of Infosys and Miss Paarul Chand, the Editor In Chief of PR Moment India- to talk about “The Impact made by Technology on Society.” The session was hosted by our co-founder Sandhya Sutodia.

Mr. Cavale started the session by talking about modern day companies and how they operate today. He said that most companies which are successful in today’s dynamic world have an AI algorithm. Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a machine to learn itself; in dictionary terms, it is the simulation of human intelligence in machines where machines think and perform actions like humans. Mr. Cavale very briefly explained how structured and unstructured data are processed and then used in the decision making process for the respective business.  

Furthermore, both the guests emphasized on the use of technology during the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of technology has increased tremendously during the last 5-6 years and it will continue as far as humans can see. But since most of these technologies are being used only for the survival of the industries, Mr. Cavale believes that we are yet to see any inventions because of COVID-19. But he is quite sure that the technological innovations emerging out of the “new normal” are not that far away and we will experience them very soon.

When asked about the unemployment scenario in the post COVID-19 world, Mr. Cavale said no matter what technological upgradation takes place due to the pandemic, it is sure that we are going to observe and experience a partnership between the robots and humans in the upcoming years. He further added that although the jobs wouldn't go away, they will change from skill-based to knowledge based. Mr. Cavale said that the manual jobs would replace by the machines, and humans will only be required to run them.

Miss Chand and Mr. Cavale further added that to be authentic in our work, we must admit and learn from our mistakes. We will have to work more as a team to take the future agendas forward. In order to do that in the post COVID-19 era, we must communicate even more through calls and emails as we will be working digitally. We will need to stay digitally connected more with people as we will connect less often with each other physically in the workplace. At the end Mr. Cavale emphasised on the importance of primary and secondary level education, as it is during this stage that our thoughts are pure and we acquire “discipline” as a moral characteristic.

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