Lawful Communication

Lawful Communication

Dr. Anand sent the url of one article to his student. He did not know that he may be prosecuted for copyright violation. He was supposed to send it  after removing the hyperlink.

Dr. Anand sent the URL of one of his articles to his students. He was supposed to send it after removing the hyperlink. What he did not know was that he now might be prosecuted for copyright violation.

Such kind of mistake is very common in the digital platform. In every communication, especially when it is digitized and publicly accessible, there is every possibility of Intellectual Property Right (IPR) infringement. Here, ignorance is not a bliss and you cannot avoid punishment. Not only IPR related issues, but also, data secrecy, privacy and defamation are very common offences that takes place in the social media and most of the digital marketing companies fail to address these issues.

At Turiya Communications LLP, we have a team of expert legal consultants to look after such issues, address them on your behalf and ensure that your communication does not entail punishment. We always stay updated with laws of other countries so that we can keep your communication free from any liability. Contact us today with your legal communication problems!

Our Lawful Communications Services

The legal team at Turiya Communications LLP extents all IPR related services (Copyright, Trademark & Patent) at every stage. We take care of your communications, so that it will not entail any punishment under any penal provision. Our legal team does the following for our clients:

  • Check the content and design of images, videos, websites, etc. before it is published in the digital platforms.
  • Check and verify the source of information for every post, blog, and other content.
  • Provide legal support to any dispute, at pre-trial and trial stage at any place of India.

Special Service of Turiya Communications LLP: Today many NRIs have their non-removable properties in India. They sometimes face great difficulties to transfer the same, which makes the properties feel like liabilities to them. We can ensure smooth transfer of your properties and it is not necessary for either party to visit India. We pay value to your time. Complying all legal means, we complete such transfer very fast and in a much-secured manner.