How start-up can save money without actually dumping their marketing agency

How start-up can save money without actually dumping their marketing agency

How start-ups can save money without dumping their marketing agency?

We have all heard the term digital marketing agency, but do we really know what is the type of work they do and what is digital marketing itself?

Definition of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be defined as or described as a multifaceted strategy that aims to reach out to its target audience and build a strong relationship with its clients. This process takes place online through the use of different online platforms. The results of digital marketing can be quite dramatic in nature.


The kind of work that is done:-

•           Content Marketing

•           Video Marketing

•           Mobile Marketing

•           SEO

•           Online Advertising

•           Social Media Marketing

•           Email Marketing

Due to the pandemic, Lockdown was implemented for safety measures and several big businesses had to encounter losses that were inevitable across industries, (this in return also affected the country’s economy, as we have all witnessed). During this economic crisis, several business decisions affected them in a more negative way. One such decision was to end the relationship with their outsourced digital marketing agency. Yes of course this was indeed a bad decision and many start-ups had to rehire their agencies because without them they were facing more losses in business. It is understandable that people often cut off their relations with marketing agencies during such an economic crisis because they find it difficult to invest. However in such times when the demand has decreased and the customer purchasing power has declined, one of the few ways a business can make sure that there game remains strong , by investing more in Digital Marketing. We need to adapt new practices and methodologies in digital marketing to make sure it optimises ROI. You must also pay attention to data and analytics to craft high-return campaigns. The main point is that , you can't keep your business alive by cutting off your spending in areas that are supposed to keep it alive.

Better budgeting for your business:-

During the search economic crisis, the main focus should be on better budgeting and allocation for your business to thrive. There are several steps or methods that start-ups can adopt or follow in order to stay financially adept without having to dump their digital marketing agency. The first step is definitely going to be reading and defining the Digital Marketing strategy according to the current needs. This might include cutting off and spending on selected platforms, creating a new editorial calendar, and publishing more topic-related content on your website. Update your site in order to include more relevance this could be a crucial point if you want to drive more ROI from your digital marketing. Hiring a web developer for making the required changes will be more fruitful.

Work as a team:-

Work as a team with your digital marketing agency, in the end, this is what will make a huge difference (don’t distance yourself with the goal of short-term money saving). With months and years that still look questionable for the industry, we should trade money very carefully and not jump to certain conclusions based on the current situation. Making wrong decisions can further push your start-up to a position where it becomes almost impossible for it to recover financially. Trust us when we say this there are several ways you can follow to save money and maintain your finances in good condition. Digital marketing is an investment and not a luxury, we can also label it as a necessity for your business so do not cut it off due to the financial crisis.

As mentioned by Henry Ford: “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time” similarly cutting your relationship with a digital marketing agency is not going to be a good move for your business ( old or new ). What we want is growth, it might be slow but it needs to be steady in nature, so that our business can survive during such difficult times, and remember this pandemic is not going to last forever, it is only a matter of time that things go back to normal so have patience and faith towards your digital marketing agency whom you have hired for this work. They are experts in their field and they know what is going to be the next best step for your start-up.

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