Turiyatalks with Mr. Vikram agnihotri - Disability Changing into Different Abilities - S8 Ep 14

Turiyatalks with Mr. Vikram agnihotri - Disability Changing into Different Abilities - S8 Ep 14

The conversation started with an Inspirational Quote reflecting
the life journey of our guest Mr Vikram Agnihotri.
He talked about his shocking incident in childhood at the age of
7, family members especially his mother and father never
thought of him to be different he was admitted for swimming
classes, he still plays football with the local kids at the age of
40. He says that it gives him satisfaction in doing something
which other people thinks to be impossible. He got supporting
friends and family members in his life to help him achieve things
he dreams of.
His disability was not any reason for him to not succeed in his
life. Rather he took it up as a challenge and with

full determination he started working hard. May it be Skating,
playing football or something. He also mentioned that having a
powerful mother, father and friends can shape up the life on the
right track.
He shared his experience of becoming the First Indian to have
a Bilateral Amputee Driving License was not easy for him but
he thought to himself that if he can try to work hard then he
won't have to be dependent on someone else, here he refers to
his driver.
His concept was very clear that it was not only by being
physically challenged or something people do judge others by
looks, colour etc. According to him, sports was the only way to
make him face hurdles of his life, it worked as rehabilitation in
his life. Sports is the only way to give a person a chance to
push them out of their limits and prove to others what they are
capable of doing.
On the concluding note, Mr Vikram Agnihotri wished everyone
the best of luck for working hard. He was very happy to share
his life story with us and also said that he would love to work
with us again in the near future.

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