Evolution of Journalism |S7E3 | Soma Basu, Deputy Editor, The Hindu.

From the type-writer era to the digital era, journalism has evolved extensively. Journalism has changed as ever and it is imperative to bring up that in today's exceptionally digitalized world, everybody is a ‘journalist’ to some extent. With the power of the internet, the media industry has gone over to another leaf. With just a few clicks, the same publication which provides traditional text and images of the print medium, audio news, and podcast fit for radio journalism and video coverages for television journalism, can reach each corner of the world.

 For the third episode of the seventh season of Turiya Talks, Soma Basu, a senior journalist and the deputy editor of The Hindu was invited to talk about the same, that is how journalism has evolved over time especially in the digital era, with Sandhya Sutodia, the co-founder of Turiya Communications LLP.

 With over three decades of experience in this industry, Soma Basu has worked from the type-writer era, as she pointed out herself, to this digital era. As she took us down memory lane, she talked about her life as a journalist in the type-writer era, the introduction of computers which made things uncomplicated on a click to the beginning of the digitization of the media, which makes things much faster.

 As a matter of fact, she said that what was once important like the truth behind any story or news has now taken a back seat. What is most important now is being first and fast in delivering the news thus comprising with the authenticity of the same.

 As she continued, she said that with new tools in hand, and different visibility in terms of social media and all the pervasive nature of the internet, people can access more news, thus giving journalists much more visibility.

 On a concluding note, she highly believes that journalism does not change and the core values remain the same. In her opinion, journalists should be authentic and should keep their language simple but informative. When asked about the difference between the eras of journalism, she said “journalism will not change, but review processes will.”



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