Interview talks & more | S7E4 | Daksh Sethi

The fourth episode of Turiya Talks, season 7 had as guest, Daksh Sethi who is a noted public speaker, entrepreneur, and owner of Guby Rogers. The topic was "crack your interview with Daksh Sethi". Our host was Sandhya Sutodia, the Co-founder of Turiya Communications LLP, and the session was held on 5th March 2021.

As a student who himself faced problems to crack interviews, Daksh Sethi decided to take things into his hands. He decided to help people with their interviews through his corporate training program and student training problem.

What helped him in his endeavor, was going to conferences, where he met CEOs, Co-founders, and directors of various companies. Through his strong sense of observation, he was able to crack how the best businessmen in town were carrying themselves, their body language and how they communicate.

He stated that to be able to crack an interview, one must understand what the recruiter is looking for. He strongly believes that companies are not only looking for people who know impeccable English but rather people who know how to carry themselves. Thus, the importance of presentation skills is very much needed.

Furthermore, he has emphasized the fact that professional behavior should be a core value and the right attitude towards challenges should be a quality to be nurtured. For him, having good self-esteem is of utmost importance, as it helps to have the right belief in oneself and prepares oneself for future challenges.

On a concluding note, he also talked about the hurdles that he went through as a young entrepreneur, in terms of making the right team and finding the right people to work with. He also reiterated the fact that self-esteem is primordial while patience and having enough trust to follow the process should also be taken into consideration.

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