Is YouTube rapidly changing? | S7E8 | Bhaarath Finally

His channel is known for its unique content and is popular in the down south with a subscriber base of over 900K, he can be identified as a Youtube celebrity. He said, earlier people had to face a hard time to become popular and to be recognised for their work as an actor as Television was the only medium to reach people. But today one just needs to have an internet connection, a mobile phone, and any content creation platform to become a celebrity. Content creators are becoming an overnight sensation in no time. He feels that it’s a good opportunity for people who cannot make it to Television shows or movies as an actor and he’s fortunate enough that he got the opportunity to prove himself. He added that Youtube has become the world’s largest online platform to showcase talent and in the coming years YouTube will be a big platform for vloggers. Talking about creating content, he said,  he is coming up with new ideas and consistency is the key and to connect with people one should make relatable content. He mentioned, “Nowadays people who want to venture into the OTT or Cinema, Youtube is the first step to their goal”. In the concluding note, he thanked Turiya Talks for providing him a platform to connect with people all over the states.

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