Journey of an TOI Envoy & A clinical Data Analyst in USA | S7E7 | Arijit Basu

For the sixth episode of Turiya Talks Season 7, Arijit Basu was invited to discuss “His journey on working with the world-leading pediatrics cancer research hospital and envoying TOI” with the host of the show, Sandhya Sutodia, Co-Founder of Turiya Communications. Mr. Basu is a Senior Clinical Data Analyst working with the world-leading pediatrics cancer research hospital- St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee, USA. He’s also the Brand Ambassador for The Times of India. He shared how research is a common factor in his various works, as a lot of research goes under data analyzing and also for writing as an author or for articles. He said communication is very essential and is also one of the very key elements of his work. He also expressed his views on success by stating that being able to afford a luxurious lifestyle does not contribute to success but getting appreciation and positive remarks for your work, and that’s how he measures success. According to him, it’s very important to be versatile and one should not restrict itself to one thing and also from exploring. He mentioned, “Connecting yourself with positive people can add values and positivity to your life, particularly amidst the pandemic.” For the aspiring Data Analysts, he  said “Youngsters who are good in analytical thinking, can look into this profession.” In the concluding note, he wished immense success to Turiya Communications and hoped to see them achieve more in the coming days.

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