S6E17 with Suparna Pathak 'Why biz reporting doesn't find its pride of place in vernacular media?'

On the seventeenth episode of Turiya Talks, Mr. Suparna Pathak, Editorial Consultant of ABP Digital was invited as the guest of the evening. He had a discussion on his experience as a vernacular journalist and his insights on why business reporting does not find it's pride place in Vernacular Journalism with Sandhya Sutodia, the host of the show and the Co-founder of Turiya Communications. 

Business Journalism has a more specific degree of factual journalism. He emphasized the importance of vernacular journalism at present by sharing that there are many who have completed degrees but have failed because of not being comfortable in communicating in vernacular. The reach out of Vernacular Journalism is much better than English. Words have an important bearing in the process of interacting and in Business Journalism we are exposed to certain specific words which we fail to map because of lack of knowledge in the vernacular language, restricting the expansion of Business Journalism. 

He shared that in Business Journalism, one has to focus on certain happenings using those interest areas but there has been an issue of writing with the use of equivalent terminologies. This is because of the lack of words that are reflective to the sense of specific terminology content. However, over time, may words have popular in Business Journalism. It requires a high degree of academics, understanding of the subject as employing a Business Journalist would cost up a huge amount of money. The transition from print to Internet and smartphones was not easy because of which the language of Business Journalism has suffered a lot in the process. 

To conclude, he advised to keep widening our intellectual brandwith to be ahead of the rest. He also wished good luck to Turiya Communications and TuriyaTalks. 

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