The Bromance Continues At Turiya Talks S7|E2|.

The second episode of Turiya Talks, season 7 had as guest, Arun and Aravind Twins who are noted casting directors and public show organisers. They discussed "Social Media Influence on Youngsters" with our host Sandhya Sutodia, Co-Founder, Turiya Communications LLP.The session was held on 19th February 2021.

Born and brought up in Thanjavur, this popular duo of twins joined an engineering college and later got a government job with a well-paid salary. But a turn of events made them realise that life was not for them.So, they joined the media industry in 2015, a place where they felt they truly belonged. 

With great communication skills they set upon that path and joined Star Vijay Network.Initially they were working for seven shows but now they have multiple shows under their belts. As casting directors for shows like Bigg Boss, they analyse the potential of  people. They believe that talent is equally important as patience, passion and dedication. As motivational speakers they said it's important for them to spread happiness and as influencers they believed that they should be honest and frank.

They shared some insights about the media industry and how it works with the viewers. They believe that to achieve something, one needs to work hard without any expectations. If the person keeps creating good content, work will pave its way towards them.

In conclusion, they emphasized that the scope and opportunities in the South-Indian Industry is vast and language is not a barrier as long as a person is willing to work. They also said that hate and criticism is part of the job and it is up to the person to know how to take it. Most importantly one should show their potential through their actions.

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