Turiya Talks S6 E16 with Mouli Roy : 'Rise of a Fashion Influencer in the digital era'

For the sixteenth episode of Turiya talks season 6, an endearing fashion influencer and digital content creator Mouli Roy was invited to the discuss about “Rise of a Fashion influencer in the Digital Era” with the host of the show, Ushma Shah from Turiya Communication. 

Mouli Roy began with an interesting story of her life from a “Journey from a Fashion Journalist to Fashion influencer”. She also stated about “Recycling” as how everyone can recycle their own things from their wardrobe and she also talked about her past vs present life from the period of pandemic though others stopped her she went and worked as she motivated herself with small things and made a content out of it. 

She talked about her profession as she is not being in any agency she started to create her own content and started to make more with small content of her daily life and that made her to make more people follow her from usual. She said that she doesn’t identify her as a established fashion influencer but as a struggling person. She stated that Fashion is not about what you wear instead of what you are it is more about the confidence and being happy.

In concluding note she was happy to be working closely with Turiya communications. She was happy to be a part of Turiya Talks and wished success to it.

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