Turiya Talks S7E11 | Age is just a number?

Dr. Ashish Chaudhuri is an Aging research scientist in John Newman’s laboratory at the Buck institute, specialized in technology development, drug screening, and target discoveries

He talked about how aging is an inevitable process that every person has to go through from poor to billionaire everyone is a part of it.

 But what people tend to fear more than chronological aging is the biological aspect of aging

Diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer's, sarcopenia(muscle loss) are one of the worst parts of aging. Further, he talked about how people can slow down the process of aging, he said that stress is one of the reasons that contribute to the aging of a person. People nowadays are facing mental pressure much more than in previous times. middle age can be one of the most challenging times in life. Talking more about the factors responsible for aging he believes food is also an important factor. Eating unhealthy food leads to many diseases, he said that to lead a good healthy life one should eat healthy food which has a good amount of protein in it

 "Having fun, going out, exploring, being physically active, taking good diet can help you to age gracefully” were some of his last kind words on the show

On the concluding note, he truly agrees that “age is just a number”, he thanked Turiya Talks to give him a good platform to talk on the topic of Age.

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