Turiya Talks S7E13 | occupational therapy

Mr. Subrat Mishra is an Occupational therapist, an administrator in a home health company in a rural home health agency, and an entrepreneur as well.


He emphasized that occupational therapy has a vast role and helps people to recover and be independent as well as to maintain skills needed for everyday functioning.


In India, occupational therapy is there but awareness of it is not much. Occupational therapy mainly works with people with autism, cerebral palsy, etc. Further, he talked about how it got a vast role in rehabilitation as it has a vital role in this current situation.


He also talked about how the health care sector has changed a lot with time, evolving with computers and modernized equipment, moreover, the biggest change has come for autism for children because this has been a huge issue that was underdiagnosed before, and now it has come a long way with improvements.


He advised, "Medicine can cure you of the illness maybe but not from the everyday tasks you cannot do". So, when people face issues in their daily work, it’s not that you just have to go to the doctor but sometimes consult an occupational therapist.


On the concluding note, he thanked Turiya Talks for giving him a good platform to talk on this topic and remarked for taking a noble approach of spreading the awareness of occupational therapy to the people.

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