Turiya Talks S7E14 | The legacy of Human - Virus engagement and how viruses have helped humans evolve into what we are today

Dr. Fuad Halim is a passionate medical practitioner, social worker, social scientist, and science communicator.


To define viruses, he has shared some interesting facts, that one teaspoon of rainwater contains more viruses than the entire human population. They are numerous and we have only named eight thousand species. Viruses are microscopic organisms that do not eat, do not excrete, neither inhale nor exhale air nor possess any metabolic activity, yet, they are capable of reproducing. They take the human body as a platform to multiply themselves.


He explained the differences between DNA type virus and RNA type virus, and coronaviruses belong to more of the RNA type virus group. He also said that pandemics were not common a thousand years ago, as the population was sparse, people were not connected as we are today, also the total population was less that time. In today's world, it is hard for people to stay disconnected for a certain time and viruses are spreading among all of us. But, we all should try to stay physically disconnected and isolated so that we could have better days ahead.


To fight the covid-19 virus, one has to be well-nourished, and vaccination is also important. Vaccination ensures less severeness of the disease in the body.


At the end of the session, he praised and thanked Turiya Talks for allowing him to talk about this topic.

and remarked for taking a noble approach of spreading the information and history of viruses to the people

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