TuriyaTalks S2E5 : Employment Opportunities in the Media & Entertainment Industry

The dearth in employment opportunities caused by economic inactivity due to the enforced lockdown has resulted in the unemployment of thousands. Furthermore, the scope for new recruitment has taken a backseat for various industries which have suffered immensely due to COVID-19. However, one of the few industries, which have been on the rise has been India's Media and Entertainment Industry. The 5th Episode of TuriyaTalks Season 2 welcomed former journalist turned academician, Dr. Buroshiva Dasgupta, who has over forty years of experience in this sphere. The session was hosted by our co-founder Sandhya Sutodia. Dr. Dasgupta spoke about the topic, “Employment Opportunities in the Media and Entertainment Industry”.


Dr. Dasgupta highlighted that in the present situation, growth in print media is 3.5% whereas television, films, radio and music industry is growing at 10% in India. Furthermore, digital media has been booming and the gaming section is doing the best among all. According to him, any growth in the media industry is always associated with changes in technology. So, the media professionals have to get accustomed to all new technologies- both software and hardware and be flexible enough to work in any vertical. Along the same line, he emphasised on why the people associated with print media must adjust with the changing times and there is always an opportunity for print media professionals in the digital media profession.


Digitalization is causing about a revolution in every industry and more so in the entertainment media paradigm. With digitalization, a huge number of new roles, pertaining to the changing nature of the audience's demands, are opening up. Consequently, there lies an ample number of roles, which budding professionals can look into. For the upcoming days, Dr. Dasgupta further stressed on the necessity of upskilling and re-skilling in order to sustain and be valued, on the long-run, in any industry. At the end of the day, remember what Winston Churchill said- “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”. No matter which industry you are in, continue following your passion and what you believe in; you have to change and adapt yourself to the ever-evolving technology.

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