Networking isn’t about building contacts, it’s about planting relationships that last forever. Having a strong network is the key to a great career in any profession. To speak more about the various facets of networking across various levels and layers, the co-founder of Turiya Communications, Sandhya Sutodia, was joined by Parul Soni and Shantanu Srivastava, two corporate leaders, who happen to serve for Think Through Consulting (TTC), for the 6th Episode of TuriyaTalks Season 2.


Networking can potentially commence from a very young age, according to the two guests. Our peers in school are people we should aim to network with. The important aspect of networking with mates from school is that you have to know who is heading in which direction in their careers and the learning they have attained along the way. In a successful network, every individual has the opportunity to learn something from the others.


It takes time and effort to build a network holistically. Furthermore, in this episode, empathy, ethics, mutual respect were highlighted as some of the key characteristics that one needs to have to form a strong network. It is important to understand that soft skills and being able to communicate form two pivotal components to being able to network successfully.


In recent years, the scope of networking has elevated to another level due to digitalization and the number of platforms it has given rise to. Consequently, networking has become easier. However, basic human characteristic remains the pillars of a strong network.


However, according to Mr. Soni and Mr. Shrivastava, even senior professionals have failed in networking successfully, from time to time, because ego, lack of sincerity about their peer's best interest get in their way. Remember what BNI Founder Ivan Misner said about networking- “Networking is more about farming than it is about hunting” and to be an integral component in any network, one needs to have an excellent base of knowledge just like a farmer gathers the basic knowledge about farming techniques, seeds and irrigation before planting seeds; this will eventually enable him or her to add value to others in the network.

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