TuriyaTalks S5E15 with Mr. Kaustav Bag and Mr. Asif Iqbal - Coping with COVID-Food and Travel


The guests of the 15th episode of TuriyaTalks, Season 5 were Mr. Kaustav Bag a.k.a. Metropolitan Boy, a famous food and travel vlogger & Mr. Asif Iqbal, Partner, Elahi Luxury Dining, accompanied by the host Sandhya Sutodia of Turiya Communications. The session was held on 10th October on the topic ‘Coping with COVID – Food and Travel’.


The conversation initiated with their experiences during the early days of this year when the menace of COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak. Mr. Asif addressed the issues that his restaurant Elahi Luxury Dining had to face due to the pandemic, although the situation has improved gradually. Mr. Kaustav cited the negative response that he as well as other content creators received when they tried to publish travel related content on social media during the lockdown period.


“Never fake your personality to your audience”, Mr. Kaustav affirmed while chalking out his journey as a travel and food content creator on YouTube. He dedicated his success to his fondness in expressing himself on camera as well as his friends who always supported him in his venture. He concentrated on the importance of homemade food and regular exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He focused on developing trust with the audience by serving them with true facts and figures irrespective of endorsements.


The session ended with a few suggestions from Mr. Kaustav and Mr. Asif to travel securely with precautionary measures. They suggested to always carry a sanitizer and wear a mask as a safety measure from COVID-19.




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