TuriyaTalks S6 E14 With Parijoy Saha:

On the fourteenth episode of Turiya Talks, Parijoy Saha, world’s fastest finger painter, who has attained Brahmagyana and holds 5 artistic world records, was invited as the guest of the evening. He had a discussion on his paintings, his life and his spiritual journey with Sandhya Sutodia, the host of the show and the Co-founder of Turiya Communications.

He first spoke about how he started painting his own type of art; which includes only finger, nails and palm; when he drew a painting in thirty seconds at his college exhibition. He stated he only mastered his own technique and none of the actual forms. Yet, he believed in god and asked god to control him, and he believes that is what kept him going.

He spoke about his motivation- work for the betterment of mankind and so he spent most of his earnings in spreading his message to walk the right path, but he failed. “I might fail in life, but not in efforts.” He restarted his blog for having an online presence and since last year, he is happy. He spoke of his spiritual life of how Geeta is not a book but a struggle as it is not that easy to practice, yet he tries. He also was glad to speak about his attainment of Brahmagyana which for him is his greatest achievement.

To conclude, he gave a beautiful message to Turiya Communications and Turiya Talks, wishing them luck in all the struggles. He also said the “Results do not matter, efforts matter.”

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