TuriyaTalks S6 E19 with Avani Dhruve and Namrata Manyal: Effect of Emotional Eating on lifestyle

The nineteenth episode of Turiya Talks, season 6 had as guests, Ms Namrata Manyal who is a Dietician and Nutritionist and Ms Avani Dhruve who is a Life Coach. They discussed about “The effect of Emotional Eating on our lifestyle" with our host Ushma Shah, from Turiya communications LLP. The session was held on 6th February 2021.

“Aim for Mindfulness”- This is how Miss Namrata AND miss Avani summarised the topic of the day. Miss Namrata  emphasized on the fact that emotional eating is used as an escape route when one is not able to accepts and process its emotions whereas Miss Avani stated that emotional eating is related to our psychology and our own thoughts.

Further Miss Namrata advised to feel the emotion properly instead of escaping it and learn something out of it which will help us disassociate emotions and food on which Miss Avani added and advised us to connecting to our mind and straightening out our thoughts.

On a concluding note, Miss Namrata stated that one should build awareness in oneself and we should not be too harsh on ourselves and realise that it takes time and patience to fade away emotional eating and Miss Avani stated that one should have holistic goals and before doing anything one should not go for the outcome but instead see what it will teach you and everyone should practice Mindfulness and Awareness and be Educated.

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