TuriyaTalks S6E13 with Lily Pitchler: How Christmas is Celebrated in Other Countries & Way Forward

The episode brought forth Miss Lily Pitchler who is a Romanian thinker .She discussed about the topic “How Christmas is Celebrated in Different Parts of the World”, with Sandhya Sutodia, CO-founder, Turiya Communications LLP.
Miss Pitchler said that though Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ into the world, it has a very symbolic meaning towards the spiritual life. In her view, Christmas is celebrated in similar fashion all over the globe. Speaking of her own celebrations, Miss Pitchler said that she likes to celebrate Christmas in a very simple and quiet way by staring at the Christmas lights and just remembering her close family and friends.
Miss Pitchler is apprehensive that in our modern world today we have lost touch with the meaning of Christmas as we always want to be on the receiving end. We should understand the pleasure of giving. She also shared an interesting story about Christmas. In the end she read out a lovely poem about hope and joy and also added that Christmas should become a more inclusive affair for the betterment of the world .

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