Coverage on Sambad, Odisha Daily

Coverage on Sambad, Odisha Daily

In 'Sambad', Odisha’s top leading daily, our Co-Founder Sandhya Sutodia said: Our world as we know, has turned upside down due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With international borders closing, people being told to isolate at home, safety measures such as social isolation being put in place to tackle the situation, businesses are being forced to shut down (temporarily or permanently) and their staff is facing months of financial uncertainty and worry. Hence, there is no doubt that this global health crisis has created a massive impact on the economic climate…..In such a crisis; there has been a massive change in the behaviour of consumers. Since many local shops have shut down due to safety reasons, there have been concerns about the availability of goods. This has encouraged panic buying of items (mostly essential ones) in bulks. Furthermore, financial uncertainty and the prospect of a severe and long-term recession have led to a stark impact on consumer outlook, perceptions, and behaviours…..”
“Healthcare and wellness organizations are shifting their focus to digital media in order to sustain growth in the upcoming years.. Keeping up with digital transformation can often feel overwhelming. Deciding which emerging technologies are worth investing in and getting your team on board with change is often the hardest part. In addition, adapting to the digital era means letting go of outdated business processes and trusting that this disruption will yield big results.”

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