Coverage on The Echo of India about Turiya Communication

Coverage on The Echo of India about Turiya Communication

Thank you 'The Echo of India', a Kolkata-headquartered daily for publishing the journey of Turiya Communications LLP. It was our immense pleasure to be interviewed by the editor Mr Romen Dutta himself. We look forward to more such interviews in future. “…Entrepreneurship is a risky task, as each step one takes involves all kinds of risks and any loss incurred in the due process would be the accountability of the entrepreneur. Hence, I believe that entrepreneurs are unconfined, happy risk-takers who have the benefit of controlling their own time and income. They often have untapped potential earning, as they can jump from industry to industry while inculcating and developing business skills that ultimately lead to their success. I choose to become an entrepreneur, to fulfil my goals and aspirations as an individual. If you are just getting into the game, or you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, one has to be prepared for significant hurdles such as the problems of financing, building up the team, getting recognition, dealing with the unknown, and taking tough decisions. Such difficulties had all laid down on my path one after the other, but I managed to overcome them and I came out stronger than ever before…..”
Read the entire article to know and few thoughts can inspire you to take the ‘less travelled’ path too.

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