Doctalks with TuriyaTalks E4 with Dr. Mrinmoy Chanda

Doctalks with TuriyaTalks E4 with Dr. Mrinmoy Chanda

The fourth episode of Doctalks had as guest Dr Mrinmoy Chanda who is a grade F Scientist and Geneticist. He discussed about Wonders of the Covid-19 Vaccination with our host Sandhya Sutodia, Co-founder of Turiya Communication. The session was held on 21st January 2021 and is sponsored by SastaSundar which is an online pharmacy and digital platform of healthcare.

In this episode of Doctalks, Dr Mrinmoy Chanda has shed some light on the most awaited vaccine of all time, which is the vaccine for Coronavirus. The geneticist clearly stated that, even if no institution has an official report on the efficacity of the vaccine, it is of upmost important to take it. This is because, it surely fights against coronavirus to a great extent.

He also advised that, before taking the Covid-19 vaccination, one has to tell his or her medical history to the person injecting the vaccine. This is because, even if the vaccine in itself does not have any side effect, it can be a threat to a person who has some comorbidity.This is due to the fact that the vaccine may increase the immunity of the latter.

On a concluding note, the guest reiterated the fact that the vaccine is very much important but also said that the vaccination process can be done in a better way. For example, rather than doing it on old age people first, it can be done on people of different age group. He also said that rather than giving one full dose of vaccine to one person, it can be divided in between two persons. He also stated that  this vaccine can do wonders but it is also primordial to continue wear a mask.

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