5 Marketing Strategies To Adopt During Covid-19

5 Marketing Strategies To Adopt During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally transformed the way we go about our lives, from basic human interaction to the way businesses are run. Consumers have changed the way they shop, think and react and likewise also look at products and services with a new perspective.

The pandemic is actively reshaping various aspects of business, most importantly advertising and marketing. Businesses have no choice but to adapt to these new changes because by the way things look at this point in time, it seems like these new patterns of consumer behavior will continue to live beyond the instant consequences of this crisis, perpetually changing what people value.

Here, we have put together 5 marketing strategies that can help you during and after this time of crisis:


  • Connect with Customers on Social Platforms

This is the time for brands to be sensitive and empathetic. Everyone has been affected by COVID-19 in different ways. Show your customers that you care, and that you understand what they are going through. Focus on promoting your brand not by posting sales-oriented content but by reaching out to them using your social media platforms. Most people are relying on social media now to create and illusion of staying connected in an unexpected state of global isolation.

Make use of your pages to connect people to resources like food banks and other such essential information could be of use to them. Using your page to spread the word about ways to stay safe, the necessary precautions to take, etc. will show the audience that you are looking out for them and providing them help at these times of crisis.

  • Optimizing Your Online Presence

Due to these times of social distancing and isolation, people are at home and consuming way more content than before. Now is the right time to focus on your online presence and shift your business to the digital arena.

Adopting effective search engine optimization strategies and other tools like Google ads is essential to ensure that you are found online. SEO allows an increase in organic traffic to your business and surpass competition.

 Aim to be on the first page of Google Search Engine Page Results. This way, when customers look for certain keywords they will be directed immediately to you. This requires you to continuously optimize your content in order to prevent losing potential revenue.


  • Restructure Prices

Given the unpredictability and suddenness of this pandemic, prices have become a major challenge for most customers. This means that high upfront costs are not the right strategy for any business.

That being said, if you can switch to the Software-as-a-Service model, you will not find a better opportunity than now. SaaS products or cloud based services are more likely to be a successful strategy during a crisis due to lower costs.

  • Be Wary of What You Share

Social Media often has a lot of inaccurate information which can be dangerous and sharing them with your audience can cause a lot of damage to your hard-earned reputation. Especially in times of a crisis, passing around false information related to cures and vaccines of the virus can result in very unfortunate circumstances.

Planning out your strategy and confirming the authenticity of facts prior to posting content can ensure that such circumstances don’t come to pass. Make sure you use information provided by reliable resources.

  • Prepare for Various Post-Crisis Scenarios

It’s difficult to predict when this pandemic will last or how long will the economy stay in such bad shape. Due to this, you must be prepared for every possible outcome of what lies ahead.

Anticipate what problems and questions your audience will have in various post-pandemic situations. Create a list of topics and ideas that can be shared as when the crisis starts to ease up. This way, whichever circumstance seem to take place, you will be prepared to deal with it in the most effective way possible.


If the stress and unpredictability of marketing during such a widespread crisis is proving to be difficult for you, we would love to help you out.

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