Emoji- the New Era Communication Tool. Follow the Blog to Know More

Emoji- the New Era Communication Tool. Follow the Blog to Know More

As technology is moving fast, it has reinvented the ways to communicate with people and one of the most iconic inventions in this aspect is emoji. It is a small image or icon which is generated electronically to put forward your emotion, mood and common objects without uttering or typing any single word. Emojis are fun, light-hearted, and articulate a broad message of emotions efficiently. They have revolutionized the way the world is accustomed to communication— they have even been used systematically in our app. When we use emojis in the conversation, they reduce the risk of ambiguity in messages. But we must not forget that there are cultural differences to be aware of. Like every message in the world of media, emojis are open to misunderstanding as there is always a fair chance that each user could analyze and decode a unique message from the same emoji. Today, text messages, instant messages, and even business emails are liberally sprinkled with emoji. 

Keeping in mind the over-expanding emoji industry, there is even a World Emoji Day -  July 17. 

How emojis have changed the way we communicate-

Emoji has changed the way the world of communication in the 21st century. Emojis are just everywhere -  the emoji merchandise; the blockbuster The Emoji Movie and over six billion emojis are sent out every day. Nowadays, brands are inclined to use emojis to gain attention regarding their products and services. 

So, what are the origins of the emoji?

Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese economics student, invented emojis in 1999  and it did not become a major trend until Apple released them on iOS 5 in 2011. Emoji —is derived from the Japanese words “e” (“picture”) and “moji”(“character”) which means picture character. 

Emoji: language or a form of communication?

Every emoji is structured to convey a certain message with specific symbols. It is not a language but a form of communication. Emojis only seek to add an element that is missing in the text-based conversation. It is best likened to the social cues that we receive when we communicate in spoken language. Those are non-linguistic.

Social Media platforms and emojis-

Gradually, it is found that every major social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp is flooded with billions of emojis every day and they have started incorporating many more versions of emojis. In order to put forward a better understanding of how emojis taking over the social platforms, here is a report published by Social Media Today- 

  1. On Facebook, using emojis gives back a better result with 57% more likes, 33% more comments, and 33% more shares.

  2. On Instagram, almost 50% of all comments published contain emojis daily.

  3. On Twitter, using emojis increases post engagement by 25.4%.

Why emojis and stickers are a huge industry-

Keeping in view the incredible outcome of emoji usage, it is deemed as a huge industry. As per the data published recently, it is found that

  1. 5 billion messages containing emojis were sent daily.

  2. People are interested in using alternative emojis instead of the common ones.

  3. 20% of the core messaging app users have revealed that emojis are an important part of their daily conversations.

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