Here Are Top Ten Ways to Restore Your Social Media Reputation

Here Are Top Ten Ways to Restore Your Social Media Reputation

Warren Buffett’s famous quote on reputation goes like this: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Every day, people use the internet to find locations, share stories, write reviews, conduct research, get information, design things, and buy and sell products and services. According to studies, 46.1% of people between the ages of 18 and 60 research products online before going to the store to purchase them, and 43% of consumers research online while in-store. While a whopping 93% of consumers are influenced to purchase (or not) by online reviews.

These statistics make it clear that what people say about your brand online directly affects your bottom line. Businesses can lose contracts, profits can go crashing down, employees can get fired, and even more importantly, the brand’s reputation can suffer, whether the negative information is true or not. Hence, your online reputation is breakable and needs to be maintained, and with a little common sense and effort, you can manage your brand’s view.

Here are to the top 10 ways to restore your social media reputation:

1. Pause and Plan before Responding

Reacting quickly to your brand’s error, regardless of what it is maybe the wrong way of restoration. Pause and plan how you are going to effectively engage the issue and mitigate any further damage. Since the wrong response could land you in more trouble, you must engage not only your social media team but also your PR and legal team as you want to be careful about how to respond.

2. Acknowledge Your Mistakes

In most instances, admitting your errors and holding the brand accountable for the issues that arose is the best start to fixing your social media reputation. When doing so, keep the voice of the post authentic and human. Being too official will only make you sound robotic – which will come across insincere.

3. Provide Solutions to the Error When Applicable

Often, brands get into trouble with issues related to data, errors, or outages. While we cannot control everything, communicating solutions and promoting that quickly will help your brand restore its reputation within the social media space.

4. Invest in Social Media Listening Tools

While they may be costly, they help not only monitor your brand’s name in discussions throughout the web but can also help with tracking people’s sentiment toward your brand. With this, you can do the research, study the issue, and get ahead of the problem.

5. Beat the Search Engines by Developing More Content

One tactic that can help restore your reputation is by beating the SERPs with different content about your brand. While it can take some time to make this effort effective, it is more of a longer-term strategy that could effectively push down the not so pleasant content regarding your brand.

Create sponsored content or develop a campaign that mentions what value your brand brings to the table are some ways you can start fixing the issue.

6. Take Complaints Offline

Within the social media space, it is a best practice to either utilize direct messenger on native platforms. You can also create a support account entirely dedicated to social media responses.

If a negative post should pop up, the best thing you can do is, acknowledge the message and ask them to either email you or message you privately. This is not entirely for the safety of the brand, but also the safety of the person posting. Dealing with issues privately will also assist in keeping valuable information such as credit card numbers or even, protected health information away from the public eye.

7. Develop a New Campaign That Speaks to Your Brand’s Benefits

You can develop a campaign around the value ad or benefits your company brings, or show and promote the people in your company. This creates more of a human shape of your business. Customer testimonials are another way you can shed some good light on your brand.

8. Create and Tweak Contingency Plans

Restoring your social media brand is also an opportunity for doing a post-mortem after the issue has gone away. Meet with team members in social media, legal, and PR to ascertain what could have been done better and how to prevent complications in the future. Not re-evaluating your contingency response plans will only limit you and perhaps cause a bigger complication.

9. Review of Business Operations

If these complaints happen often and have the same theme, then it is not the social media or communications team to fix it but rather a business operation problem.

10. Avoid Being Baited by a Competitor

There are times when a competitor comes into space and wants to do whatever in their power to further jeopardize your brand. They will develop content and try to tarnish your brand, but in most cases, the best thing you can do is avoid being a part of that noise.

The Bottom Line

The Internet has changed the way reputation is handled and perceived. While it takes millions of dollars and years to build a reputable brand, it only takes 45 seconds to create a Twitter account and potentially ruin an organization’s reputation online. In today’s world, nothing is more important to a company’s health than managing your brand’s reputation.

Hence, at Turiya Communications LLP, we maintain the reputation of all our clients on social media effectively and ensure that we do enough damage control if it gets tarnished. Contact us today or visit our website to know more about our social media marketing services!

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