How digital marketing used by Political parties for Promotion

How digital marketing used by Political parties for Promotion

20 years from now, politics meant walking up to the door of a voting candidate and explaining to him/her, how they would be benefitted by the party’s agenda, spreading leaflets among the people to let them know how their votes cast to the right candidate could change the fate of the country, etc. Now is the year 2020 and almost everyone with a smartphone in hand has a pretty good idea about the situations of the political parties in the country. This is the result of Digital Evolution and it has changed the entire dynamic of political party campaigns.

Digital Marketing is no longer limited to brands, businesses or organizations rather it has made its way into political party campaigns and people are spending a considerable amount of money considering the power of digital marketing. Internet and social media have been used for various social and political causes since their inception. 

  1. Use of Social Media Effectively – Nowadays, people use social media platforms effectively and the content on those platforms influence the majority of the users. For example, When Donald J. Trump took over the US Presidential election in 2016, one of his first statements was, ‘social media helped me win!’ Even Google agreed that Trump “won the election in the search.”. Social media platforms are the main tools of campaigning for politicians and political parties. And interestingly, they need not do a lot of hard work to get their word to the public. They just get a message out and let their followers do the work. Twitter and Facebook are the two channels that politicians depend on much due to their high political reach and contact.

  2. Propaganda- While traditional media like TV, Newspaper, magazines etc. work continuously to get their message to the public using the technique of propaganda, internet, and social media platforms attract audience with partial facts which spread like wildfire and it happens so much so that they themselves drive the campaigns that the political parties are supposed to run. The level of engagement and reach is extensively high on the internet because of the ability of the audience to communicate, interact with each other and seamlessly share their opinions and ideas. So, it is quite obvious that political parties are inclined to social media due to its amazing ability to draw audience.

  3. Digital Groups and Communities- When it comes to digital communities and groups, WhatsApp is indispensable. Political representatives and local leaders work closely to create communities using WhatsApp Groups which distribute political messages that can reach the whole party’s followers across the nation through WhatsApp forwards. Planning events, protests or online activities are also done on WhatsApp groups.

  4. Spreading Their Party Ideology- When it comes to promoting party ideology, the internet is the easiest and most effective medium.  Content Marketing is a major form of promoting party ideology. In this process, blog posts, images, videos, gifs, memes etc. can be used as they reach a higher ratio of the audience by continuous sharing. 

  5. Creating their Political Brand- A brand is essential whether it is business, community or political party. When you create a strong political brand, it speaks to the people on what the party believes in, what it stands for, how it views the citizen issues and problems. And needless to say, this strategy had brought victory to the BJP in 2014. The party started considering social media platforms way before 2009 and has been utilizing social media platforms, impactful political blogging, and the internet much more than traditional media in their political campaigns. Their campaigns like ‘My First Vote for Modi’ and ‘Mai Bhi Chowkidar’ created an amazing impact, and gave birth to a new dimension to the political usage of hashtags in India.

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