How to Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in Turiya Style!

How to Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in Turiya Style!

  1. Online Shopping for puja requirements

All the necessary items for Ganesh Puja can be purchased online which may include Ganesh Idols, flowers, mithais, puja articles. Everything can be ordered with no contact delivery. 

  1. Usage of Eco-friendly products

To avoid pollution during Visarjan, biodegradable products like eco-friendly idols and other puja articles so that the environment around us is not harmed.


  1. Get together over video calls

While organizing a party in the times of COVID-19 is a big NO, you can still meet up virtually with your friends and family to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. All you need to do is get ready and set up a family video call over Zoom, Skype, Google Duo, or other video-calling applications.


  1. Digital Gifting

The Ganesh Utsav celebration is incomplete without gifts. Since we are following guidelines to celebrate a safe Ganesh Utsav due to the pandemic, you can give beautiful digital gifts to your loved ones and surprise them. There are various types of digital gifts available online such as personalized e-posters, personalized video messages, personalized digital sketches, personalized poetry, and much more. 


  1. Celebrating at Home

Due to the Government announced covid protocols, gathering in large groups, meeting people, conducting processions, crowds in pandals, and organising events are completely prohibited due to the recent surge in covid cases. Instead, one should stay at home and decorate their house beautifully on this occasion. Make colourful rangolis, wear new clothes, and deck up your houses these 11 days.


  1. Gift Hampers during covid.

Gift packs are an evergreen Ganesh Chaturthi Tradition, you can also blend tradition with necessity. Hand sanitizers, festive-themed handmade facemasks, small idols of Lord Ganesha, sweets like Modak, Motichoor Ladoo, Dry fruits, Mawa, and others can be included in the packs. Some decorative items, clothes for decorating Ganesha are also good to add.


  1. Attending E-Pujas 

It's time to get virtual! You can attend e-pujas together with family, or friends, and set a time according to your convenience. Pandals and renowned temples like Sidhhivinayak will broadcast live virtual pujas which will include all the rituals, aartis, yajnas, will be streamed online considering the current situation. Get the most puja-aware person in the group to organize, and follow their lead. They could help organize everything.


  1. Swiggy Genie

Home-cooked food is the most cherishable thing during this festive season and, no matter wherever you are during such special festivals/occasions one definitely craves home-cooked meals as well as prasads from pujas. During this crisis time, digital platforms like this help people all across the country to come together and celebrate the occasions virtually. Cuisines such as  Shrikhand, Saffron rice, Coconut laddu, Puranpoli , Halwa, Suji Kheer, Motichoor Ladoo, Coconut Rice, Milk Sweets, etc. 


  1. Digital Bhajan Kirtan.

Several organisations have arranged digital Bhajan Kirtan programmes for the disciples to celebrate the festival with the same enthusiasm and devotions from their homes to avoid violating the covid 19 restrictions. One can even visit our Turiya Talks Youtube channel and watch the episode of Anuradhal Paudwal ( to get more information about Suryodaya Foundation and make your contributions to help others celebrate their Ganesh Chaturthi as well.


  1. Watch visarjan online

The Government has put some restrictions on the visarjan procedure of Ganesh Puja, to prohibit people from gathering in large numbers so that the social distancing norms are maintained. Not only news channels but many other platforms will broadcast this live for the devotees. Digital services are the most essential in this new normal time. Where else can you get this service other than Turiya Communications LLP.



The Bottom Line

The festive season is the only time which can bring people together, create a sense of unity and joy among them. There is no reason you should be discouraged from celebrating this year – and who knows, this virtual Ganesh Chaturthi celebration could turn out to be the best one you've ever celebrated yet.

Turiya Communications wishes you and your loved ones a very happy and prosperous Ganesh Utsav! Stay safe and stay healthy.

Also, let us know in the comments if you liked our style of Janmashtami celebrations and also about the unique plans you have to celebrate with your family and loved ones this year.

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