Instagram in a bid to generate quality leads.

Instagram in a bid to generate quality leads.

Instagram was once not the first choice for lead generation but now it is widely used to generate quality leads. This is because through Instagram any person has to see a particular content, read a caption, and then click on the link in the bio to get to the destination, which is a pretty long process. But at the same time that shows that the person sincerely wants to be there thus, it generates high-quality traffic. But to begin with, what are leads? In the marketing arena, lead generation is the start of the interest of the consumer over a product and services of a business or company. Let’s now see how to generate quality leads on Instagram.

Instagram lead ads- The first and foremost way to generate leads on Instagram is through Instagram leads ads. It is helpful as through it a business can collect information about its existing and potential customers such as email addresses, phone numbers, and so on which in turn better the direct marketing campaigns of the business.

Action buttons- As simple as it seems, action buttons can be a link to the business’s email, phone number, or address. But its efficacy can be more if the action button includes the sign-up or book now link which will prompt the person to sign up to the business or book a product or a service of the business.

Use the link in the bio- Instagram does not provide any link to real estate thus it is of utmost importance to use the space available in the bio. The link in the bio shun drives the customer to the objective that needs to be achieved. For example, if there is a per-sale of a product of the business, this link should drive the customer to the page the latter can use to book the product.

Use Instagram stories- Another way to generate lead on Instagram is to use Instagram stories. According to a report more than half of the most viewed Instagram stories are from businesses. This can be done through the ‘swipe up’ feature. For instance, if a business has put up a story on its newly launched product, the swipe up feature can be used to put the link that will drive the customer to the page, where the latter can buy the product or get more information about the product.

Content- Yet again another point that will help in getting quality lead generation for a business is without a doubt content. It has been said again and again that content is king. So good content will help the business to generate quality leads. The visuals used or the creative used should attractive enough to prompt the customer to stay on the Instagram page. This should also be backed up by proper captions and proper hashtags.

Run a contest or giveaway- By running a contest, the business will have more visibility to grow its audience and business thus making more profits. When a business runs a contest through an influence the business will acquire the followers of the influence also. This can be by telling the target audience to complete a survey, comment on a post, or tag the greatest number of friends to win something.

In a conclusion, Instagram can be a great way to generate quality leads for a business. It can be done through Instagram lead ads as it will help the business to collect info about the customers, through action buttons as it will prompt the customer to sign up or book a particular product, and also through the use of the bio to put a link that drives the customer to the business website. Instagram stories can be a great idea to direct the customer to the desired page and to run a contest also as it helps to get new customers. Last but not least is content, without which nothing is possible. It is the content on the page only that will help the customer to stay hook to the business’s page.

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