The magic of video marketing

The magic of video marketing

Types of videos for the marketing strategy- As a matter of fact, video marketing is a big
asset but it needs to be used in the right way. It needs to be based on the brand, the products,
and the services that the company offers. Let’s now see some types of videos that can be used
for the same. The first one is the explainers videos. As the name suggests this video is the one
that is used to educate the audience about the product of a particular company. The second
one is the interview video, which is the one used to introduce a special guest or influencer
and encourage conversation between sides.
Product reviews video is yet another type of video where an influencer or even a brand
ambassador makes a video to review a particular product or service of a company. It can
boost the profits of the brand, as using an influencer to showcase a product gives a sense of
belonging to the audience. It prompts them to buy something that their favorite influencer is
using as they share the same values and trust. Last but the least is the live video. As simple as
it seems, it consists of going live to get up close and personal to your customers and potential
customers. It again gives a sense of belonging to your audience.
Why video marketing? Let’s now see why is it so important and essential. Video marketing
is one marketing strategy that helps to inform, educate, and make a product of a company
more understandable to its audience, more appealingly. Secondly, it helps to improve the
search engine optimization of a company. According to a report by 2021, over 80% of traffic
will consist of videos. In today’s era, where increasing the traffic to a particular company is
essential, video marketing, helps to get more audience. It is so because it enables potential
customers to get a look at the products, services in no time rather than going and reading
about the company on its website.
A third reason why the use of video marketing is crucial is that it helps a company to stay in
the game against rival companies. 81 % is the number of businesses that use video for
marketing as of now. It is a great way to get through to the audience easily as it is practical,
short, crisps, unique, and catches the eye of a potential audience straightforwardly. To boost
conversions is yet another point to take into consideration. Approximately 90% of customers
stated that a video on a particular product or service is the reason behind, them, purchasing
the latter. It boosts conversion rates up to 80 % as it keeps the audience longer on a particular
In a conclusion videos for marketing a product or service are a must for any company
nowadays. It is one of the foremost points to take into consideration while planning for a
strong strategy. If created properly and reach the targeted audience, video marketing can be
addictive and prompt the audience of wanting more. It gives a quick look at the products and
services of a company appealingly, with attractive graphics, engaging music, and stunning
pictures. It is also a great way to inform potential clients, it increases search engine

optimization but also helps companies to stay competitive, and last but least it boosts
conversion rates which shows in turn through a good return on investment of a company.

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