Tools to Innovate The Content Marketing Strategy.

Tools to Innovate The Content Marketing Strategy.

It is now very common to see that digital marketing companies get an opportunity to boost their results more, when content marketing offers them the proper platforms. Business can be definitely improved if relevant and valuable content is served to the audience, which will also benefit in raising the online reputation of the brand. With the use of content marketing, not only are contents well created and distributed but also their unique strategic approach lets it engage as well as engage the target audience, which will then lead to a profitable action by the customer.

 What is a Content marketing strategy?

 Content marketing strategy is basically  planning out the proper procedure to build a business using proper contents in the market. Organizations mainly use this to set an audience base which will help them to  generate profitable returns in future. It simply helps the business to grow better with lower costs, increased revenue and reliable customers. It is mostly required because sketching out a proper strategy is highly beneficial to produce an effective content, which can grab all the target audience and make a mark on the digital marketing agencies in the market.


One thing which has changed all our lives and had also  its impacts on content creation  is definitely ‘Technology’. Let's learn how that happened?


Technology vs Creativity

Technology and creativity, both go hand in hand, they are the two sides of a coin. Technology has  a great influence in our lives, but it also has reduced people’s thirst for knowledge. On the contrary, this technology has led to the innovation of certain tools which  helps in content marketing and also helps in building strategy for the same. Technology has given content creators and marketing companies an abundance of information which will benefit them in creating and marketing the contents of their business. Over the last few years, technology has helped in empowering the content creators better, many tools have been innovated which offer shortcuts for better content.

So, here are three tools which help in  innovating content marketing agencies to strategize in the industry

1. Using Artificial Intelligence for Empowering the Message

 AI (short for Artificial Intelligence) refers to  “teaching” a machine how  to think and react or respond  like humans would do. It is one of the fastest developing and growing parts of computer science which affects all the arenas of our lives which also includes the ability of content marketing. We tend to use artificial intelligence tools in our everyday lives which includes:

?     Facebook Messenger, where we can send  automatic reactions and responses to your  Facebook followers on behalf of your brand or company.

?     LinkedIn  always tends to suggest introductions based on earlier  interactions which are mostly professional.

?     Lastly, Gmail  also offers  users to connect with people writing an entire message based on their own personal style or habit.

Another example of AI  is the chatbot technology which meaningfully helps and provides  directions to  the customers if the team is offline sometimes. Artificial Intelligence  also finds applications in content marketing as well.

 It also helps to empower a writer with lots of information and  data, improving their productivity. It even can help to compose a proper, effective ad copy.

Broca is an extremely important marketing platform that uses AI  to create  Google Ad copy. One needs their  Google Ads account to analyze their ad performance and based on that, the information of the tool will generate and display  new advertisement  suggestions.

2. One Click on a Button will Turn Text into Video.


This tool is one most widely used in business because video content creations are extremely popular now in the market. Almost all brands now prefer to promote their brands with the help of videos and showcase their brand by creating eye-catching contents on the videos. Although creating video content is both difficult and too expensive, it is essential for providing an  organic boost and search presence of the company /brand as it creates a lot of traffic in this competitive field and so a solid video content benefits in numerous ways to the brand. Videos generally visually present information, making it easier for customers to consume better and faster also provides search crawlers huge amount of data to crawl. Visual content is  easier to understand  for customers and establishes the brand faster so that it can be remembered and recognized quicker.

 Half of our  human brain is mostly devoted to vision, and with 70% of visual reception capability , it only takes 150 milliseconds to remember and recognize a symbol of any brand. If images or videos are supplemented with proper cations and text it is a great way of amplifying the efforts of the content marketers and in this situation only technology can help. Contents in videos are very interactive and attractive because of the relevant images, background music, transitions, captions etc.

3. Composing Text Based on Semantic Analysis and Co-Occurrence

Semantic analysis explores connections among different names of places, brands and people with different concepts and entities, it acts like it is a linguistic branch. To build better understanding of topics of the contents and keep them relevant with each query, semantic analysis is often used by Google. Another tool is Text Optimizer which  helps to  identify connections based on searched pieces. It has an  impressive feature with the ability to build full  sentences. Besides helping in writing content, it also assists in innovating new content ideas.


With  fast-advanced and evolving technology  our lives have been defined in a new pattern, especially after this global pandemic technology and digital transformations have brought great impact in our lives, business, education and all other aspects as well. And with this the digital platform is getting more competitive day by day. As we all know the old phrase ”Content is the King” but now with new technologies and tools the ways of creating and delivering content are widely changing all over the world. To stay relevant in the market, new content marketing strategies must be innovated with passing times, because in this competitive sector, constant updating the brand or company is the only way to make the business successful. 

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