Visual Branding and its convincing powers.

Visual Branding and its convincing powers.

Get the right color
According to color psychology, colors have the power to influence human behavior. It can
alter the perception of a person. It can also create and cause certain emotions. As simple as it
is, blue color conveys a calm feeling and red creates a danger-bearing emotion but also
undoubtedly has the great ability to grab people’s attention. So, getting the right color is
essential. The color needs to reflect the products and services that the particular company
provides. For instance, if it is a make-up company, most probably bright colors can be used
but for a hospital, cool colors like blue or light green is a better option as it calms and
smoothens one’s behavior.
Font is the second factor that is of utmost importance to take into consideration while
creating a visual brand. Different fonts have different purposes. Each font gives a unique aura
while using it. For example, for a dissertation, Times New Roman is mostly used but at the
same time for a company that offers services and products related to art and design, Brush
Script MT will be more correct as it will reflect the company’s image and personality. So, the
selection of the font is again really important. Apart from corresponding to the company’s
personality, the font has to be good enough to attract potential customers also.
Images are yet another point to be considered while creating visual branding. Yet again the
image used for the same has to convey the company’s personality and values. It also has to
give an idea to the customers what is the company about. So, the choice of image is
primordial. If there is a newly launched make-up company, maybe the selection of images
related to that company should be done. In this case, probably a picture of a face can be used.
While choosing for the same, one should not forget that the image should attract the customer
also as they are the ones who are going to buy the products and services of the company.
This being said, let’s now see why is it important to have good visual branding. What does it
offer a company in terms of growth and getting potential customers? To begin with, it is
important to have a nice visual branding as it gives a sense of value and trustworthiness to the
customers. A well-created visual branding gives a sense of a well-established company. As
simple as it is, a person will be more attracted to a company with a pleasant logo and visual
even if the latter offers a bad service or product rather than one with a bad visual experience
but with good service and product.
Then it is crucial as it gives recognition to the specific company. For the proper growth of
any company, the latter has to have recognition amongst people. That’s when people will
start buying products and services from the latter. For example, Coca Cola brand has already

a built recognition among people and that is why it is a hit. Differentiation is another
important aspect of visual branding as good visual branding, enables a company to get
differentiated from a rival company. Let’s take the example of a particular area where they
are many pharmacies, the one with the most attractive visual branding will undoubtedly get
the most customers. So visual branding has great convincing and persuasion powers to get
new potential customers but also any company must have the picture-perfect one.

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