So, What is Agile Content Marketing?


The process of creating valuable content in a continuous loop, to save more time and less work  is referred to as Agile content marketing. As the name “agile” suggests, the work process tends to be less tiresome and smart in place of hard work. From idea to the final product, the focus is on how each new piece in the puzzle performs according to the metrics that fit with the business. The team further works based on those outcomes. The motivation is to gain more customers and engage with more audiences as well.


One might say, working fast and iteratively might sabotage the quality of the content. No doubt, your time is saved, but at the cost of your long term goals and purposes.



How Agile Content Marketing helps the Content creators?

Provided below are some of the ways to organise your work in Agile.:



 One of the most popular agile techniques is the Scrum. In Scrum, the team gathers a list of work , called backlogs and jot down very detailed descriptions of what is needed to be done. From these tasks, the scrum-master chooses one, while the team decides to handle in a two to four week time period, called the sprint. All tasks that enter the sprint process, must be published at the end of the set deadline.


The sprint begins, the tasks are done and the team meets to assess the outcomes of the sprint.




Kanban doesn’t rely on linear sprints to get the work done. For Kanban, the team creates a board with several stages for work, until the task is finally done. The tasks move up the board until completed. The best part being, there is no time limit but the satisfaction and inspiration that keeps the team members going seeing one by one tasks moving up the stages on the board.



 This is the combination of scrum and kanban which includes sprint planning, stand-ups, retrospectives from Scrum and pulled in methods of kanbans with Work in Progress or WIP. The Scrumban utilisés the board structure from Kanban merging it with the time frame of the Scrum. Scrumban allows the framework of scrum sticking in place, and flexibility of Kanban.


How to start implementing Agile on your content team?

 To begin working with the Agile approach, one must keep in mind to few things:

?   Prioritised backlogs:  Everyone whether content creator or a stake holder must prioritise backlogs first.

?   Maintain tracking boards: While working with Agile, one must keep either a physical whiteboard or digital ones like Trello to keep up with your iteration, especially the first one.

?   A working agreement for the Agile experiment: A scary and bold step, but it is necessary for the content creators today “Not Yet”  to their bosses when they come with new work that is not part of the iteration.


Benefits of Agile Content Marketing.


Agile brings in many benefits to the content team in their work. Some of them are:


?    Focus on one initiative at a time: Working with Agile, all stakeholders, work on one specific task or project at a time and organise them as real work until it is done.

?    Less interruption.  Since the work list is already defined. One rarely gets chances to be interrupted and the work gets done on time.

?    Frequent reviews: Since you are working in sprints, chances of reviews are more. Therefore, the works can receive more changes which makes the content look refined, professional and better by the time they come out.

?    Data to backup content: Once the content is tested, there is data to back it up as well and will later help in providing recommendations.


Following Agile content marketing will help to keep your focus on your project unperturbed, work becomes less restraining and most importantly, the quality of the outcomes do not detoriatiote interest they improve, because of frequent reviews, tests and correction. Thus, Agile content marketing makes properly tested content to accomplish business goals.




Agile content marketing helps  the content creating processes be less laborious, easy and less time consuming thus helping to create more and more content in less time. To master Agile content marketing, one must know the techniques of Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban.




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