When Is The Best Time To Publish Blog Posts on Social Media For Your Business?

When Is The Best Time To Publish Blog Posts on Social Media For Your Business?

If you are a business owner or marketing personnel, you are more than often familiar with the following scenario:

You have just written the best blog post your brand will ever publish. The one that you know has the potential to go viral on social media and will drive a lot of qualified traffic to your website, generating leads and ultimately sales. Further, you have optimized it for search, checked it twice for grammatical errors, and you are ready to schedule it to go live.

However, at this point, you stop. 

Why? Because you ask yourself the ultimate question—when. When is the best time to publish an amazing blog post? What day of the week? What time?

Well, we are going to provide you with a couple of consolidated answers today that will put to rest all your queries. Read on to know more!

Importance of Correct Timing on Social Media

Think about it: the internet is a global playground, with people online and browsing for content to consume 24/7. What you post or send at any given moment will be seen by a very small percentage, with an even smaller percentage actually taking notice of it. Hence, you have got to hit publish or send at the opportune moment. 

For instance, publishing a blog post on Facebook at 12pm on a Monday afternoon may not be the best idea! Since it is considered to be, the busiest working day and you will be excluding a huge chunk of potential readers.

Therefore, it is important to be selective about when you share – whether it is your social, email, or your blog. While every network has its own highs and lows, you can use that to your advantage by posting on the right day at the right time to increase your likes, shares, and clicks.

The Best Day to Post for Social Shares

If your ultimate goal is to get as many social shares as possible, our communications agency Turiya Communications, has determined the appropriate days for you to post your blogs, after thorough consideration. Sunday tends to be the least popular publishing day, yet the most “social” one. The lack of competition on the weekends can be attributed to the fact that less businesses blog on Saturday or Sunday, hence less content to compete with. Thursdays and Mondays are also good days to post; however, the competition is tougher.

The Best Time to Post for Social Shares

When it comes to timings, we have noticed the following thing:

  • Blog posts published at 3 PM IST tend to receive the most social shares. However, many people publish content at that time, so your new article may be “buried” in the virtual pile.

  • The peak blogging hours seem to be between 9am and 5pm – exactly when most corporate publishers are at work.

  • The share ability remains rather high during the nonpeak evening hours (9 PM to 2 AM), whereas the overall number of published posts decreases. That means less rubbing elbows with fellow bloggers – and more exposure.

Posting during Peak Hours vs. Low-Activity Times 

The best times to post will depend on your audience preferences, their location, and demographics. Yet, there are some general pros and cons of posting content during peak and nonpeak hours.

Posting at Peak Hours


  • More visitors and page views.

  • More social shares.

  • More comments and engagement.


  • Your post may get buried among other publications.

  • Readers may choose to skim it rather than thoroughly read it.

  • It loses prominence, which may result in higher bounce rate.

Posting at Nonpeak Hours


  • Less competition = more potential exposure for your blog post.

  • Easier to promote your content on social media.


  • Fewer visitors.

  • Lower engagement.

Highest Readability for Blogs

According to a popular study, 70% of people tend to read blogs in the mornings. While men tend to read more blogs in the evenings or at night. Around 60% tend to have this habit compared to roughly 35% of women.

The Best Time and Day to Post for Comments

The best time to publish for getting your reader’s opinions would be Saturday, according to the above-mentioned study. That is exactly when post readers have the time to properly read your content and spare some time to type a reply. Additionally, the peak “commenting” hour tends to be 9 a.m. (not on the weekend though). That is when most blogs receive new comments from readers.

The Best Days to Publish For Social Shares on Specific Social Networks 

According to another popular study, Mondays and Tuesdays are the most popular “sharing” days. The best day to post and get the most shares on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is Tuesday. Blog posts tend to get the most shares on Pinterest and LinkedIn on Mondays.

Final Thoughts

Most content marketers already know they need to be writing the best content for their audience. However, many marketers are missing the final step: when to post the content. With a deep knowledge of when the peak times are for your audience, you can maximize the impact of everything you write. Sending out content at the right time is the secret sauce that will give you a leg up over your competitors, and in the digital landscape, small details like communicating with your audience at just the right time can make a big difference.

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