10 Tips on Effective Email Marketing

10 Tips on Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is a branch of digital marketing that involves sending emails to the target audience with the intention of generating leads, turning them into customers as well as gaining the loyalty of the existing ones. This is done to boost the company’s sales, conduct surveys to understand consumer behavior, advertise the brand products and convey important information to the mass audience. Most of the customers check their emails on a regular basis hence; it can be a significant channel of communication. Here are some of the ways through which email marketing can be improved:

1. Creating a list of target audience: For a marketing strategy to become successful it is important to keep the target audience or customers in mind during its planning and execution. A well prepared and verified list of the target audience with their email addresses and other details will help the marketer to reach out to the customers, understand their requirements and interests. Regular verification will also enhance the delivery performance since it will reduce the chances of the email getting labeled as spam or bouncing back due to a wrong or even fake delivery address.

2. Updating the email list: It is important to regularly update the list of the target consumers. This includes adding the email addresses of the recent leads and customers as well as eliminating or re-inviting the ones who were unresponsive.

3. Organizing and segmenting the list: Another necessary aspect is to separate and sub-divide the list. These can be done on the basis of several factors like:

  • Customers who have subscribed but do not respond to the emails.
  • Customers who visit the website or links mentioned on the email but do not make a purchase.
  • Customers who respond to the emails and browse through the website as well as place orders.
  • Customers who have unsubscribed from receiving further emails in the future.

4. Mobile-friendly emails: Creating mobile friendly emails is an important aspect of email marketing. The consumers may not open their emails from a desktop on a regular basis or may simply decide to check their emails from their phones. Thus, mobile friendly emails will ensure communication to a larger consumer group since users of both the devices will have access to it.

5. Having a compelling subject line: If the subject line is gripping then it would compel the customers to open the email and read it. Thus, the subject line must rouse their interest.

6. Composing the email: Along with a good subject line, it is important to have pleasant template and compose the email in a simple yet creative manner. This also includes the pictures that are used in the email. The email must be brief with relevant points.

7. Asking for customer feedback: This will help the marketer to get a clearer perspective on the likes and preferences of the customers. Rather than just assuming and perceiving what interests the customers, asking for their feedback will help to keep them engaged and cater to their needs by improving the marketing strategy accordingly.

8. Deciding the timing: Instead of sending the email to all the customers at the same time, marketers could divide the list and send them at various intervals of the day. They could send the email to half the list of customers in the morning, the other half at noon and the remaining in the evening. By analyzing the response i.e. which slot got a higher response, they could sub-divide and try to send emails at that point of time. For instance- if the emails sent during noon generate an increased response than the ones sent during other time period, the marketers could try to send maximum emails at noon.

9. Working on the Preview Pane: It is important to remember that most readers will go through the preview pane first then decide if they want to open the email. Since images are blocked in the preview pane, the message must be conveyed through the preview pane.

10. Personalizing the email: Addressing the customers by their first name along with the use of terms like “You”, “Us”, etc will help to personalize the email and this might invoke a greater response from the customers. This might also make the customer feel more integrated with the brand or the enterprise.

Email marketing is a relevant part of any marketing campaign. Henceforth, efficient email marketing will help to generate a higher response from the customers and reap more profits for the enterprise.

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