A Digital Marketing Company Guide to cracking the Instagram Algorithm

A Digital Marketing Company Guide to cracking the Instagram Algorithm

Instagram is one the most popular social media websites on the internet right now. Small businesses should aim to build a large base of followers on this platform. Creating good content, making promotional offers, doing collars with other companies, etc. are some ways you can grow your Instagram. But the issue is that Instagram’s features are constantly changing and upgrading. Therefore optimizing your page can be quite a complicated task. These continuous changes will keep affecting the way you communicate with your customers. Your posts can go from receiving millions of likes and comments, on one day, to barely receiving any views, the next day. This can become frustrating if you’re an owner trying to grow your small business through social media. Our marketing company, Turiya Communications, helps small businesses crack through the Instagram algorithm, so that they can grow on this platform. In this article, we have put together some key points to keep in mind when setting up your Instagram page.



When Instagram first started to become popular, the only distinguishing feature it had was the ‘ Like button’. Huge numbers of likes meant that the particular page was very popular and prosperous. Small businesses considered ‘likes’ to be a sign that their page was gaining popularity on Instagram. Getting more likes was always favorable. And it still is to this day. But, with several other features being added to Instagram recently, the importance of the ‘Like button’ has fallen quite a bit. Although it indicates love and support towards a community, liking a post is the least someone can do as a customer. As a small business, you should aim for more than just likes on your page, if you want to connect with more customers and increase conversions.



Comments surely have more value than likes, but there is more to it. Comments with fewer words for example will do very little for your posts and your page. On the other hand, a comment with more words will do a lot more to help your post gain popularity. Another important aspect that adds value to posts is comments where other people have been tagged. A great way to get people to tag others in their comments, is to make posts that offer giveaways. For example, you can make a post for a free product and then ask viewers to tag others on that post. Also, remind them that they must follow your page if they want to get the free product. Another trick is to ask people to add the post to their story and tag your page. These are some ways you can leverage the Instagram comments section to make promotions and create more brand awareness.


Saves and Shares

In recent times, saves and shares have replaced ‘likes and comments’. They are the new trend on Instagram. Shares are quite effective at helping you get new followers. But this is more of an indirect method. Your customers are the ones who share your posts with their followers. Thus, you’re connecting not only with your base of followers, but also with those of your customers. You’re reaching out to more people and this is a great way to get new followers. And also, Instagram prefers that you use this method, because it is a considered key factor when determining which pages will be on top of the Instagram algorithm. Saving posts is another way your customers can help you out when you’re not getting as many views or as much activity on posts. So, never hesitate to ask your followers to save and share your posts. They are the well wishers of your business and they probably understand how difficult it is to build a strong presence on Instagram. Saves and shares are a relatively new trend. Our company, Turiya Communications is one of the best marketing agencies, to give you advice on this topic. You can contact us at sandhya@turiyacommunication.com or give us a call +918981592855. (Monday to Saturday).



Instagram took a few notes from TikTok and came up with it’s own version of ‘short video’ called Reels. In these, you can make short duration videos clips with samples of music and texts in them. Reels were added to Instagram last year and they have made quite a buzz ever since. And for you, this is an opportunity to grow your Instagram page. Making Reels will surely increase traffic to your page. If your Reels appear on the ‘For You’ page on Instagram, then your chances of getting more followers go up significantly. So, start making creative and entertaining reels for your followers, if you aren’t already. Our company, Turiya Communications, is one of the best digital marketing agencies out there. We provide expert advice to companies on how to use different social media features like Reels. You can contact us at sandhya@turiyacommunication.com or give us a call +918981592855. (Monday to Saturday).



Instagram always comes up with its own version of any popular social media website. For example, it has a video sharing feature known as IGTV which is similar to YouTube. It allows you to share long duration clips to your followers. This gives you a chance to connect directly with your followers and create more awareness about your business. You can tell them about a particular product, how you came up with the idea for it, how it was built, what it’s applications are, etc. You can also tell them about yourself and your story of starting the business. If you’ve been on YouTube, you know how famous lifestyle vloggers are. Viewers are fascinated by other people’s lifestyles and routines. Some viewers watch this type of content because they wish to have that kind of a lifestyle while others watch out of genuine curiosity. Regardless, you can definitely get a lot of viewers and followers from your IGTV videos. You can start posting videos about your work life and your life outside of work. Or you can make a video on the lifestyle of another team member.

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