AMA (ask me anything) and its undeniable power to get new followers.

AMA (ask me anything) and its undeniable power to get new followers.

This marketing strategy took shape on Reddit but soon later, it got implemented by the majority of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is used in a bid to engage the audience, promote new services and products that a company may offer, connect with one’s followers but also know more about the company or individual that the audience has been following or subscribing to. Let’s now see how it helps to get new followers or subscribers but most importantly what should be done to use it at its best.

Host a takeover through AMA- As simple as it may seem, this involves a person or influence to ‘take over’ a particular social media account. This will give the existing followers and potential followers to know what a specific company or social media page is about. This will give them more insight into the products and services the company offers or the social media offers. It helps to get new followers as the person hosting would be a known figure to the audience. A figure whose values, advice and tastes the audience would like and will eventually follow if the latter recommends it.

Use AMA to get feedback- Another way that AMA or Q&A helps to get new followers is that it helps to know the feedback of the audience. It simply helps to know what the audience wants and connect to them in the way they want. These AMA and Q&A can be used to have an idea of what the audience wants, collect the testimonials of the existing followers or subscribers, and what content this very audience wants to see more. If the audience likes the content, the latter can recommend the particular company’s products and services or the social media page content to their surroundings, thus getting more followers and subscribers.

This being said, let’s go forward and see how it can be done to reach a maximum amount of people.

The right topic- The first and foremost point to take into consideration when planning an AMA is undoubted, the topic in itself. This encompasses what the question will be based on. For example, if it is a company that is organizing the AMA, maybe the question will be based more on the products and services that it provides. It will put emphasis on its products and services and why their one is more reliable and why the audience should buy this one only and none other. On a more personal note, if the AMA is organized by an individual, then maybe the AMA will take a more personal direction like the background of the person, how he became what he or she is now.

The right speaker- The second point to be remembered is, to choose the right person to host the AMA. If the AMA is being hosted for a company, the speaker needs to know the company like nobody else. That chosen person will be the one representing the company and thus the latter needs to have a piece of great knowledge about the company and also confidently talk about it and reply to any questions asked. But if the AMA is being organized for an individual page, like for example the page of a particular influence, the speaker or the host will be the latter himself or herself but still, the influence can be accompanied by a co-host which according to the latter is liked by his or her audience.

The right time- Another thing to consider while planning an AMA is to choose the right time to do so. The company or the influence hosting the AMA should pay attention to at what time his or her audience is active and online to gather the maximum amount of people. For example, it will be of no use to go live and host an AMA when half of the followers are not online and are not able to participate. Because one should not forget that one main reason to do an AMA, is to encourage more people to follow and subscribe to one’s page.

In a conclusion, AMA as a way for a marketing strategy is a must for any social media page, whether it is for a company or an individual’s page. Through the use of social media takeover and the use of AMA to get feedback to know what the audience wants, is a great way to stay connected to them and most importantly get new followers and subscribers. But at the same time, it should be done in the right way, to get the right results, thus the topic, the speaker, and the time should be chosen wisely so that it benefits the particular social media page. It has great power to boost engagement and promote the products and services but also it allows the targeted audience to know the company and person they have been following on a more personal level.

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