Here Is Why Your Business Needs To Use A Social Media Content Calendar

Here Is Why Your Business Needs To Use A Social Media Content Calendar

Today, most brands are juggling dozens of social media campaigns across multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others, and unfortunately, there is no single marketing approach to all of these channels. Each platform requires its own creative, messaging, targeting, (not to mention dedicated budget) to ensure positive results – whether that be brand awareness, gaining email sign-ups, or increasing conversion rates.

However, there needs to be a single, unified social media strategy that keeps all the platforms in tandem with each other. Additionally, it is important to ensure that each social media activity is aligned with other active marketing efforts such as email campaigns, video marketing, and even new website developments. 

In order to do all this and a lot more, you need a social media content calendar for your brand. If you are in charge of organizing your business’s social media strategy, you will not want to go another day without one of these calendars. Continue reading on to learn all about it, and why we know you will fall in love with one!

What is a content calendar?

If you are new to the social media world, you might be thinking, “What is a social media content calendar?” 

Well, a social media content calendar is exactly what it sounds like: A working document (usually in a spreadsheet format) used to schedule out what you will post across which platforms for the month, and in more detail, the week, day, and even sometimes the time of day if need be. They help to define your content themes and posting cadences to match each social platform’s audience and objective.

A well-maintained content calendar helps keep all of your marketing efforts focused on the same goal. It allows you to view your campaigns as intertwined and working together to tell the same story so you are able to devise a better plan of action for your overall marketing strategy and analyze data across platforms for a better reading of your efforts and audience. Further, it helps you and your team to stay organized and can alleviate a lot of unnecessary anxiety.

You can run multiple content calendars for social media marketing, email marketing, blogs, etc., or you can put them all in one place.

What is the importance of a social media content calendar?

Sometimes, brands can jump onto social media and post a topical piece of content, but sometimes they cannot. More often than not, it takes advanced planning for a brand to post something relevant and timely. 

Hence, social media content calendars are the best way to plan engaging content that will convert. Its entire purpose is to organize and schedule your posts in advance so that you are able to publish content when it is relevant for your brand. Your calendar is the framework of the content that you share with your audience. It allows you to come in later and respond to comments, like tweets, and engage with them manually. Just think of you and your social calendar as a team. 

Read on to find out about some more benefits of having a social media content calendar to understand its importance for your business!

  1. Organization

Content calendars are the answer to obtaining an organized content strategy. They are not only a planning tool but also provide the ability to visualize your content strategy over time and across platforms. These calendars can also show any gaps or overlap of campaigns.

  1. Consistency

Using a content calendar to plan ahead of time allows you to create a consistent flow of content that continues to build towards your ultimate marketing goals and develop a unified voice for your brand as experts in your industry. Having the ability to plan out content for an entire year or more keeps your brand voice consistent and makes your content a reliable source for members of your industry.

  1. Effective Planning

Instead of making last-minute decisions about topics and types of campaigns, content calendars allow for proper preparation as well as ample time for research, creation, and execution. This means that a deadline will rarely be missed, and it can even mean that those pieces will stay within budget. Further, along with your day-to-day schedule covered, if something topical comes up, you have the creative and logistical bandwidth to engage with the moment in an on-brand way.

  1. Remember Key Dates

These calendars can also be used as regular calendars, since you need to include key business dates such as holidays, events, launches, etc. You will also want to note local, national, and international dates so topically those key days do not sneak up leaving you scrambling.

  1. Time-Saver

Content calendars help marketers plan content ahead of time, indicate what assets are needed for execution, and determine the timing of when that content will go live. This saves a great deal of time during the week as everything is pre-scheduled, thus allowing you to be much more efficient and productive.

  1. Deeper Customer Understanding

Freeing up more time, content calendars will allow for increased success and more targeted pieces that your audience wants to see. The structure that content calendars provide is also a means of tracking. It will help you to fine-tune your strategy by determining optimal post times, further defining the target audience, and confirming what types of content are more engaging. 

It also provides the opportunity to schedule your experiments towards improvement. Plan out your A/B tests until you find the right recipe for the type of content, format, post frequency, and the best time of day to post for each social platform.

  1. Reduces the Risk Of Mistakes

Planning your posts ahead of time means that you can build fail-safes into your workflow. Copy-editing the text, fact-checking information, or even vetting it with organizational stakeholders like the legal team are all a lot easier when you are working days or weeks in advance.

Over to You!

In the modern age of technology, businesses across the world are taking advantage of the social media content calendar. What are you waiting for?

At Turiya Communications LLP, we can help you understand your audience and engage your online community through social media content creation and management to help improve your online presence. Our focus is on ROI and optimization of your social content for long-term benefit. Contact us today or visit our website to know more!

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