How to be a successful Producer in the Entertainment Industry ?  - Ft. Ms. Nivedita Basu

How to be a successful Producer in the Entertainment Industry ? - Ft. Ms. Nivedita Basu

“People love gossip. It’s the biggest thing that keeps the entertainment industry going”   – Ellen DeGeneres.

Producers in the entertainment industry tend to the business and financial matters involved in making a movie, television show, or stage production. They oversee production and are responsible for the budget, timeline, and quality of the finished product.

Ms. Nivedita Basu, a Television producer and creative director of the Bollywood film industry, shared her beautiful journey as a Producer with our viewers, in the 12th Episode of Season 4 of TuriyaTalks.

Ms. Basu started her journey from ground zero, initially worked as an intern with Channel V for an year and then joined Balaji Production house in the year 2000 at a runner level, with no stipend. She gave credits to Ekta Kapoor, who was always there for her as a Mentor. Ms. Basu is grateful to Ekta and claims that ‘Without her she wouldn’t have learned everything and achieved the success. She worked with the Balaji for 15 years. She also shared her experiences of working with Smriti Irani on the sets of “Kyoki Saans bhi Kabhi Bahu thi”.

Ms. Basu is fond of the professionalism of the actors she had worked with, be it Tulsi, Parvati or Prerna of different Soap Operas. She talked about working with Anil Kapoor on the sets of “24”, and considers it to be the best experience after working with Ekta.

She talked about the challenges and difficulties faced while starting her own production house “The House of Originals”. She explained how different it was working as a producer under a production house and having a production house of your own. 

With the coming up of the OTT platforms, Ms. Basu believed that it is easy for anyone and everyone to make a good content. Social media platform has helped people to keep themselves busy in various fields. It has also played a vital role in imparting education to the mass and adds value to oneself.

Relevance of television has been for specific types of contents and OTT has been for all types of content. But this doesn’t mean the presence of television will die. People are habituated and connected to television and thus for the next 20 years, it’s gonna stay with us.


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