How to Boost Your Business with Facebook Messenger Marketing

How to Boost Your Business with Facebook Messenger Marketing

Can your business afford to miss on a Facebook feature that has 1.3 billion users each month? If you are hesitant to answer the question, then it might be time for you to start exploring opportunities with Facebook Messenger for marketing your business.

According to Facebook, there are more than 20 billion messages sent on their messaging platform each month between people and businesses alone. Although that is a huge number, people seem to like hearing from businesses. In fact, according to a survey, more than half of users react positively when dealing with businesses via messenger apps.

In the past, it was just a medium to chat with friends or keep in touch with relatives. However, with Facebook Messenger turning nine this year (it was launched on August 9, 2011 -- a few months after Facebook Pages began rolling out for businesses), it has now become one of the most powerful tools online for brand presence and customer engagement. The company has been developing the tool over the past decade, and they have recently made some major updates to the Messenger app so that businesses can better serve and connect with potential customers.

Why Use Facebook Messenger Marketing?

While Facebook offers the opportunity of enhancing the reach of your business through display advertisements and banners, mounting evidence suggests that people are tired of seeing too many advertisements in their social feeds. Hence, it is time to look elsewhere! This is where Facebook Messenger steps in and offers an alternative way to engage with your audience, earn their loyalty, and improve your social reach.

According to research, Facebook Messenger offers the following:

  • Earns 15 times more engagement than standard advertisements.

  • Appeals to 73% of your customers, which is more than the phone (44%) or email support (61%).

  • It helps resolve issues faster and often within 42 seconds.

  • It provides a personalised approach to the user 

Further, it also allows you to develop stronger and more personal connections with your customers and leads, as businesses can engage with them in a conversational style. Additionally, this social media tool is more personal and intimate that helps in addressing queries tailored to customer needs.

How Businesses Can Use Facebook Messenger to Their Advantage

Facebook Messenger is now a part of many brands’ advertising strategies. Here are eight ways as to how can also use it to boost your business:

  1. Creating Brand Awareness

In the recent years, Facebook Messenger has gained enormous popularity as a viable tool for customer engagement. Businesses now understand the value of one-to-one interactions and feel Facebook Messenger with its overwhelming number of users (1.3 Billion) has endless possibilities for strategic marketing. While that is still a useful and critical tactic for social media strategy, many simply do not know how to harness the power of Facebook Messenger. 

Facebook took note of this and began making changes. Now the Facebook Messenger comes with a feature called Discover, which helps customers learn more about any business, start conversations, or book an appointment.

  1. Deliver your content

People are often made to go through lengthy process of filling out forms and get the gated content via email. With Facebook Messenger, such content can be delivered to readers directly. It is a much better alternative for content delivery as the open-rate and click-rate is much higher than email.

  1. Help your audience find the most relevant content

Facebook Messenger can be used to help the audience ‘pull’ the content to themselves. For instance, Messenger Chatbots can help the followers find articles that they want to read. This has been a boon for content marketing as now businesses have a non-intrusive way to deliver personalized content to their target audience. 

  1. Engage participants during events

Another way you can use Facebook Messenger is to send important information and reminders about events for which your target audience has signed up. Similar to content delivery through email, the response rate on Facebook Messenger is significantly higher than that on emails.

  1. Generate high-quality sales leads

In addition to engaging participants during events, Facebook Messenger marketing can also be used for lead generation. Since the response rate on Facebook Messenger is incredibly high, you can use a Facebook Messenger bot to collect lead information, send offers and coupons. This is a great way to get people’s attention and to generate high-quality sales leads.

  1. Re-engage potential customers

If you are wondering how to get your audience to talk to you on Facebook Messenger in the first place? Well, here is a simple solution – use Facebook advertisements! While using Click-to-Messenger ads allows you to direct people from the Facebook News Feed to a Messenger conversation with you, Sponsored messages allow you to initiate a Messenger conversation with anyone who has messaged your Facebook Page before.

This is a great way to re-engage your potential customers. For instance, people who have visited your pricing page but did not purchase your product or service.

  1. Reach your target audience one-to-one

As said earlier, the Facebook News Feed is saturated with advertisements. With Messenger advertisements, you can reach your target audience without all the noise. One-to-one! People will be able to see your ad in the Home tab of their Messenger mobile app, and when they tap on the ad, they will be brought to your preferred destination — your website or a Messenger conversation.

  1. Provide speedy customer support and feedback

In today’s world of customer service, people prefer to contact brands through social media platforms as they expect direct a response from brands — that too a quick one! Through Facebook Messenger, you can provide timely and personalised customer support and feedback.

Final Thoughts

If you are starting to think, that messenger marketing might be great for your business, we can help you! At Turiya Communications LLP, our dedicated in-house social media team can help you to generate brand awareness, engagement & traffic with our Social Media Marketing Services, including Facebook Messenger Marketing.

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