Demand, supply, and digital marketing. The actual game for any business needs to win.

We all know that demand and supply are the key for any business to run successfully. These three factors play an important role even in the digital marketing sphere.

The demand and supply of attention and content from the consumers and creators will mix to create a friendly ecosystem that draws in favorable investment in return for campaigns.

You are aware of LinkedIn, why not use it for your own advantage.

The most important reason why LinkedIn has achieved such high reach right now (well this is also the reason why LinkedIn is one of the most popular and important social media platform for any kind of business be it new or old, small businesses or a huge one) Is because of the fact that there is high demand and low supply for content (the number of people looking for content versus the number of people supplying it is really very less)

Understanding the difference between overpriced and underpriced (very important for any kind of business)

There is a reason why getting your URL link on a high ranking has become very difficult on SERP. And we also know that email open rates and CTP have declined significantly in recent times. We can also see why Facebook organic reach is almost dead. The need and demand for content almost inevitably came into play (yup, that itself is the reason for such a change). The attention is usually cheaper in rate when the demand for content is high but the supply is significantly very low.  (Example:- Instagram stories ad, as we all are aware of). When the demand for content is low but the supply is high attention is going to be something that we call overpriced ( example:- Google Ads)

Challenges that we are going to face:-                                          

First, being able to understand the difference between overpriced and underpriced AD is a huge step and this will really impact your brand when it comes to the point of becoming successful. Once you are able to understand the difference it is like you have cracked 40% of the actual process. If you're trying to maximize your why then you should preferably go for the underpriced attention. Keep in mind that conversion won't be easy, this kind of thing comes with its own challenges and aspects that can affect your brand indirectly. First thing that you need to remember is that where should we ask on what channel will you be able to find underpriced attention easily? Demand is definitely going to be high so if you want to capture it effectively we would suggest that you hire a digital marketing agency, this group of experts will know what they are doing.

Now let us take the example of TikTok or Instagram Reels:-

So let’s talk about tiktok, it remains one of the most popular social media apps where you can get underpriced attention. The time when tik tok was still functional in India many of the users tapped this underpriced attention and were able to gain a large base of followers (become successful very easily), but how many of the creators managed to stay relevant? Yes, not much in fact very few did. So we might agree that low price attention is the holy grail for any kind of business, (especially startups) one must know how to tap this. Instagram reels are also following the same path. Since it is comparatively new, trying this one is going for tapping the underpriced attention is going to be a lot more easier.

Now that you know all the important factors, let us get to the most important step, let us get started!

Keeping in mind all the challenges if it is not like your an expert in this field then hiring a digital marketing agency is going to be the best option for you, as the reputation of your brand is going to be in safe hands and also you will manage to achieve your desired goals (working with the experts is going to be the best decision). So if you want to tap the unpriced attention and reach your desired return on investment, then make sure you choose the right digital marketing agency in India. They are the only ones who can help you navigate in the right path enabling you with better outcomes and greater success for your company, all of these factors will only help your business to grow and that is what we all want.

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