There is a saying that the first impression will be the last impression, which is true to some extent. In the competitive world everyone is busy making a lasting impression to stand out from others. So, it becomes very important for a marketing company while launching a podcast to make an impactful impression after getting approved from iTunes or any other podcast channel. It is important to try and make your podcast reach a new and noteworthy section.



The 4 step strategy to launch your digital marketing company’s podcast at any market. Here we will mention all the steps a marketing company should follow as well as mistakes they should avoid.


The first and foremost step is to define the concept and style of your marketing company’s podcast -

A.   Here you decide what your overall podcast will be before launching it on any podcast channel otherwise there will be a risk of your show becoming a sloppy one.

B.   You need to think about what will be the unique characteristics of your podcast. It should be related to your digital marketing business.

C.   It is necessary for a podcast to be entertaining while providing some valuable content with it , so that it can hit the top of the chart.

D.   There are several “style” of podcasts to choose from. Some examples are -

?     Conference/ interrogation podcast

 This happens to be the most common type of podcast, where the host(s) conducts an interview in each episode.

Every episode is named after the personality who has been interviewed.

?     Location podcast

Here the center is the location, where the podcast is recorded and then broadcasted. The host talks about different locations and the experience they go through there.

?     Narrative podcast

A story is told in this type of podcast.

The beginning of the story is told in the first episode of the podcast and the end in the last episode, in between all the episodes builds up the story and moves forward till we reach the last episode.

One such example is ‘pocket fm’.

?     Education podcast

This type of podcasts instructs and teaches the listeners on a particular topic each episode.

?     Mix podcast

This is more like a cross over podcast, where varied topics are heard related to teaching, interviewing experts and examining case studies.


At the end a digital marketing or marketing company should pick a style that works best for them.



The first 3 episodes of the podcast came to become the supporting episodes that served as the stanchion for the entire podcast and created the first impression. These ‘supporting episodes’ are quite useful,


?     It works as a ‘great reference to look back’. While making future videos use the link for the first three videos as a reference.

?     The first three episodes acts as a foundation for the podcast.

?     Along with the first three episodes you can also provide links of the episodes that were published prior to the new one.

?     The show notes can be referenced through an episode to generate high quality leads and send traffic back to the site.

?     The supporting episodes keeps you from repeating yourself in the later episodes.

?     The supporting episodes gradually help to improve the flow of the show. It helps in not repeating an explanation but simply with the help of reference link we can say for e.g., that this particular thing “X” is explained better in the 1st or 3rd episode, go back and listen to it there.

?     Supporting episodes gives good rankings to the podcast because the reference of previous episodes is constantly used in present and upcoming episodes, so the listeners have to go back and play or download the entire episode from the past.

?     Helps to maintain all the downloads in a consistent form.


While launching a podcast for your digital marketing company, it is necessary to launch the first three episodes to keep the audiences hooked on to your show. Therefore, it provides an opportunity to create a good and firm first impression.


Creating the supporting episodes (first three episodes) -

?     Look for the most popular topics related to digital marketing company for the foundational posts that interests the people.

?     Content should be something that connects to the audience and answer their queries, so that it can be adapted for the use in different purpose.


To look for the best content, know what is popular for your marketing company, what people are looking into nowadays and what type of inspiration can serve well for your marketing company’s podcast; for all this one can look into Buzzsumo and Google Adwords’.




It is important to create as much momentum and buzz as possible while launching the podcast for your digital marketing company and a ‘contest’ can help with that to give a good rank to the digital marketing agency.


If you want the podcast of your digital marketing company to rank then you would want people to -

?     Visit your podcast channel

?     Download the supporting episodes

?     Subscribe the channel of your company

?     Leave a comment or review about the show


The content must be outstanding to get positive reviews. But to get the downloads, subscribers and ratings for the podcast, adding a contest will turn out to be helpful for all that.


While putting a contest in your podcast, a digital marketing company must make sure that the price is specific to their market. It shouldn’t appeal to the entire mass but should only aim to attract the type of people the marketing company is working on to gather, who in reality will find value from the company’s podcast. For e.g., if your podcast is about digital marketing then as a price it should offer more digital marketing services at a lesser price.

Even if a digital marketing company has not built up an audience prior to the launch of the podcast then giving away a proper price that is relevant to the listeners will make them more willing to be engaged with the shows of the channel.


When launching a podcast for your digital marketing company it is necessary to -

?     Call the community and market that will help you to launch your podcast, make sure that they are aware of the podcasts and shares it among people

?     Popularize your podcasts by asking your friends to share it and its contest

?     Interact with big media houses and ask them to share the podcast contest

?     Partner with people within the same field as you with an existing audience and ask them to share the podcast



At this stage you need to keep on generating the buzz for the podcast and to do that a ‘distribution schedule’ needs to be created.


If you want your downloads to keep on spiking and the buzz to remain for your digital marketing company’s podcast-

?     In a week fix a day to go live with a new episode

?     Next day post about the latest episode and boost it for 3 days by creating a facebook post

?     Email your list on the very next day to all the subscribers

?     Then throughout the week distribute and redistribute the new and old episodes through paid ads, social media posts or email banners.





Following are the few ways to keep and increase subscribers for the podcast of your digital marketing company -

?     Making small series of podcasts = leave people hanging on the episodes by creating small parts of the episodes i.e. part 1, part 2, part 3. This turns out to be extremely powerful as it makes people want to come back and hear the end result.

?     Inviting famous or popular guests = invite people on the show that will draw a good amount of audience.

?     Once again, continue to use the reference of past episodes

?     Interesting teasers for future episodes work well to intrigue people. It says what can be expected in the future episode giving listeners something to look forward to.


Consistency and good content is required to make a podcast successful. So start now to make an interesting podcast for your digital marketing company.

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