Why do startups go for agencies instead of in-house teams?

Why do startups go for agencies instead of in-house teams?

Why are start-ups choosing agencies over in-house teams?

This is a new emerging trend and for this question to be understood let us first understand the concept of an agency and that of an in-house team. So an in-house team is a brand’s internal team (or we can also have an internal organ just for better understanding, makes everything really simple for anyone to grasp) this internal organ is responsible for advertising and marketing. (Yes, that’s their priorities) The in-house agency is responsible for the advertising and Marketing, this should only lead to the formation of a positive image for the brand.

 What are their tasks? (Jobs, roles, and responsibilities)

•  Account management

•  Advertising campaigns

•  Assist creation

•  Brand consistency

•  Brand storytelling

•  Brand messaging

•  Brand management

•  Community management

•  Content marketing

•  Digital marketing

•  Direct marketing

•  Social media marketing

 Now the latest comes to the question: what is an agency?

Agency (advertising agency) is also known as a creative agency. This kind of business is focused on creating, planning, and holding advertisements. They may also focus on different forms of promotions and marketing according to their clients demands.

What is their task? (Jobs, roles, and responsibilities)

•  Planning and managing advertisement

•  Coordinating the creative work

•  Brand support and clients (Brand strategist)

•  Marketing and Public Relations manager

•  Marketing Director

•  Copywriter

•  Creative Team (Digital Illustrator, Image retouches, Art director)

•  Web Developer and Analytics

•  Accounting and Finance

•  Management (Social media manager, monitoring the traffic)

•  Market Plan

•  Collateral for the Market

•  Website Design

•  Advertisement

•  Newsletter

•  UX designer and UI designer (one of the most important aspect because the experience of the client matters, yup the time is charging and appearance of things or services play a very important role, trust us on this one you would not want to lose your clients)

•  Application Designer

•  Application Developer

•  Content producer

•  Account Director

•  Account Manager

•  Media Planner

•  Media Buyer

 Okay, so now let us get back to the question “Why start-ups are choosing agencies over in-house teams?”

 We are aware of the fact that building an in-house team is quite an expensive affair, to be honest this is also the key factor why start-ups would rather go for Digital Marketing agencies. Needless to mention that recently with so many new start-ups this trend has deepened itself along with several other aspects. Better personalized approach for the clients' needs.

Agencies have evolved a lot. They were really quick when it came to the point of getting rid of the traditional old method and adopting the new one as per the need of the hour.

The services that are offered has expanded making itself more wholesome and inclusive to the distinctive needs of their clients. So we can say that it is not just about what the client wants but also something that will resonate with the target audience. (Strategy for better results)

 If we manage to closely observe digital marketing, one thing that stands out is that these agencies no longer work ‘for' the client whether they work ‘with' the clients. In simple words we can say that they act as an extension to the clients team this makes this process very beneficial for everyone, higher return on investment.

Nowadays several agencies hire part time employees so that they can focus on individual accounts. This move has been very effective in reducing the cost and increasing the return of investment, providing the clients with much better results, In house digital marketing team.

Maintaining and managing an in-house digital marketing team is time-consuming and expensive. That's why they also tend to charge a lot more when compared with other advertising agencies. Paying such a high price often becomes very difficult for small companies. Does hiring agencies become a better option as we can get the desired results at a lower price?

 Thinking about starting a new company? Well trust us this is all the information you will need.

Maybe you have started a new company or probably you want to start a new company. Consider going for a digital marketing company as it is going to cost you very less yet be super-efficient. Going for an in-house marketing team might not necessarily be a viable option, as we cannot ignore the cost and maintenance of it. (Who does not like something a little easy? We all do)

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