About TuriyaTalks

As a communications agency, we believe in building relationships and telling stories. Turiya Talks is a platform where experienced men and women from various fields come and join our co-founder Sandhya Sutodia in an interactive session, where they share their insights and knowledge they’ve attained with years of experience. Furthermore, they address questions, doubts and throw light upon various topics that our online viewers raise during the live session.

Is YouTube rapidly changing? | S7E8 | Bhaarath Finally

For the eighth episode of Turiya Talks Season 7, Bhaarath was invited to discuss “How Youtubers are rapidly taking over as the next generation of celebrities“ with the host of the show Urja Talreja from Turiya Communications LLP. Bhaarath is an Actor and the CEO of his Youtube channel "Finally" under which he creates comedy sketches.

Love Talks With Digital Gandhi S7|E5|

For the fourth episode of Turiya Talks Season 7, famed Onkar Khullar aka Digital Gandhi (18x TEDx Speaker) was invited to converse on “Journey of a patch-up guru” as he is also known as ‘patch-up guru’ with the host of the show, Sandhya Sutodia, Co-Founder of Turiya Communications.

Interview talks & more | S7E4 | Daksh Sethi

The fourth episode of Turiya Talks, season 7 had as guest, Daksh Sethi who is a noted public speaker, entrepreneur, and owner of Guby Rogers. The topic was "crack your interview with Daksh Sethi". Our host was Sandhya Sutodia, the Co-founder of Turiya Communications LLP, and the session was held on 5th March 2021.

Evolution of Journalism |S7E3 | Soma Basu, Deputy Editor, The Hindu.

From the type-writer era to the digital era, journalism has evolved extensively. Journalism has changed as ever and it is imperative to bring up that in today's exceptionally digitalized world, everybody is a ‘journalist’ to some extent. With the power of the internet, the media industry has gone over to another leaf. With just a few clicks, the same publication which provides traditional text and images of the print medium, audio news, and podcast fit for radio journalism and video coverages for television journalism, can reach each corner of the world.