About TuriyaTalks

As a communications agency, we believe in building relationships and telling stories. Turiya Talks is a platform where experienced men and women from various fields come and join our co-founder Sandhya Sutodia in an interactive session, where they share their insights and knowledge they’ve attained with years of experience. Furthermore, they address questions, doubts and throw light upon various topics that our online viewers raise during the live session.

TuriyaTalks S6 E15 with Biswajit Matilal:

For the fifteenth episode of Turiya Talks Season 6, the very renowned Biswajit Matilal was invited to discuss on how “Effective communication is the need of the hour” with the host of the show, Sandhya Sutodia, Co-Founder of Turiya Communications. Mr. Matilal is a noted media academic and reputed PR professional. He was a senior journalist with The Statesman and also the Vice-President of Corporate Communication, M P Birla Group. Being a person with a field experience over five decades, he was the perfect man for the conversation.

TuriyaTalks S6 E14 With Parijoy Saha:

On the fourteenth episode of Turiya Talks, Parijoy Saha, world’s fastest finger painter, who has attained Brahmagyana and holds 5 artistic world records, was invited as the guest of the evening. He had a discussion on his paintings, his life and his spiritual journey with Sandhya Sutodia, the host of the show and the Co-founder of Turiya Communications.